10 Mind-blowing Facts About Dinosaurs That You Won’t Know From Jurassic Park. . .

Dinosaurs need no introduction. They walked this Earth long before the dawn of man and lived for over 66 million years. Unbelievable right? But they finally got extinct. This is why they still remain a mystery to us, an unsolvable one perhaps. Ever want to know the tiniest, the scariest or fascinating truths about these giant creatures? Well, here are they –

  1. Dinosaurs were vegetarians
    You heard it right! Most dinosaurs were vegetarians and respected moving flesh.1
  2. A dinosaur could run at the speed of 40 miles per hour
    So if they still existed today, even your fastest car won’t be able to outrun them!2bestanimations.com
  3. Chicken is the closest relative to T-Rex
    Yeah, chicken is closest known modern relative to them. Crazy right?!3sxh1b2g2g4f2w04gm2piih1u.wpengine.netdna-cdn
  4. Many of them had feathers
    Even though we imagine them as scary, reptile-like creatures but indeed they had wings. In fact, some had a nice display of feathers just like peacocks contrary to what is depicted in Jurassic Park movies.4sciencefocus.com
  5. A single T. Rex tooth was one foot long nearly
    Rex was huge and its teeth were between 8”-12” long and imagine about 50 to 60 of them in his mouth.5cbsdetroit.files.wordpress.com
  6. Scientists have no idea how they mated
    Scientists have been trying to find out for 200 years yet they are unable to find out how they mated.
  7. The tiniest dinosaur was size of a pigeon
    Anchiornis was the tiniest dinosaurs and it was no bigger than the size of a pigeon.7wired.com
  8. The dinosaur fossil was not discovered until 1820
    Most of the dinosaur’s bones that are discovered belonged to Megalosaurus.8fossilmuseum.net
  9. They lived a long life
    As per some evidence collected by scientists, dinosaurs lived a long life, long enough that you can imagine – between 75 to 300 years.9bestanimations.com
  10. The brain of Stegosaurus was size of a dense brazil nut
    Stegosauruses were quite gigantic in size but had a tiny brain as compared to their body mass. Their body mass was about 5 tons while the brain was the size of two brazil nuts. Imagine if your car’s engine were the size of a walnut!10simonjmcd.com

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