Om Puri’s Most memorable Movies that make him a superstar. . .
Veteran Actor Om Puri is the recipient of two National Filmfare Awards including a lifetime achievement award. The actor has done justice to all kind of roles from serious to humor. His voice had an impact that could give goose bumps to anyone listening. When the actor was found dead in his Mumbai house, he was working on four new projects. Here is a list of his best work that we can never forget.

  1. Malamaal Weekly
    Even though the film was not a big hit in the theaters but the movie is loved by all on TV. The Indian janta seems to be glued to their home screens whenever Malamaal Weekly is being screened.
    The actor played the character of Ballu in the movie. He played the role of a dairy farmer, who was one amongst the many in the village to buy the lottery tickets. The character played by Om puri was so natural that it left the viewers jabbed on his performance. This is probably one of those roles that will stay in his fans hearts forever.
  2. Aakrosh
    This Govind Nilhani’s film was the big break that Om puri was always looking for. His talent was harnessed after this movie and there were multiple hits where Om Puri as an actor was appreciated for the role he played.
  3. The Jungle Book
    This was one of the best performances that each and every Mogli fan and a ninety’s kid will remember for the rest their lives. The impact that Om Puri voice created in the movie takes us back to the era when we were kids and bring the life back to Bagira, Mogli, Sher Khan, and Baloo.
  4. Aardh Satya
    Ardh Satya made the Buzz that Om Puri required. Om puri was always on the hunt for a good role and Aardh Satya did all justice to his expectation. There is a scene in the movie where we donot see the character who is speaking to Smita Patil on phone. But we know the character and his drunken state.
    The emotions of every Indian cinema goer was hit when Om Puri confronts a fellow passenger on touching Smita Patil. The role he played was just beyond amazing.
  5. Jaane Bhi do yaaron
    Om Puri was not a comedian in the roles he played as an actor. There was a motivation that the audience saw when he played this role of black comedy. This shows the range to which Om Puri could mold himself as an actor. Given a chance, he would even play a ghost in a movie.
  6. Chachi 420
    Who can forget this role of Om Puri? His character as a secretary Banwari depicts how Indian secretary try to siphon their owner money via friendly means. Even though the character is not the lead, but Om Puri never missed to make his mark and let his viewers know that he was versatile.
    Not only Bollywood, Om puri tried his hands in Hollywood movies aswell and that went very well for him. He played roles in movies like Charlie Wilson’s War, East is East, The Hundred Foot Journey, Gandhi The reluctant Fundamentalist.
    Your work will always stay young in our heart. May your soul Rest In Peace! Indian Cinema will miss a fantastic actor Like Om Puri.

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