Not Only Jewelry is Expensive! Have a Look at These Shoes. . .

Shoes have come a long way from being just something to cover your feet to being one of the most important parts of a person’s wardrobe. Some people judge other by the shoes they wear. Brian Koslow once rightly said, “Always wear expensive shoes. People notice.”

There are plenty of shoe brands that manufacture elegant, trendy, and very attractive shoes but few of these shoes are one of the most expensive ones in the world that are a class apart. Here are some of the most expensive shoes there are in the world:

  1. Diamond Dream Stilettos by Stuart Weitzman
    Diamond Dream Stilettos that are priced at $500,000 are one of the most expensive shoes in the world. These stilettos are designed by one of the top designers Stuart Weitzman and were worn by Anika Noni Rose to the Oscars of 2007.  Each shoe has two bands of diamond-coated circles at the upper part while there is a simple silver band across the toe part. In total, there are 1420 diamonds set in platinum.
  2. Kathryn Wilson Pumps
    Kathryn Wilson who is based in New Zealand created this shoe for a charity auction. This shoe consists of diamonds that are worth million pounds. The pumps got more than $400,000 at the auction and originally it took more than 50 hours to complete the work therein. Each diamond was hand pasted and thus very carefully done.
  3. Ruby Slippers by House of Harry Winston
    Harry Winston Ruby Slippers have been made as a replica of Dorothy’s ruby slippers as a The Wizard of Oz tribute on its 50th anniversary. The ruby slippers feature extensive artwork and expensive jewelry,and it took two months to complete the work on it. The shoes are made up of 50 carats of diamonds and 1.350 carats of rubies, thus bringing its cost to $3 million.
  4. Marilyn Monroe Shoes by Stuart Weitzman
    These shoes are another amazing creation by Stuart Weitzman featuring 1940’s infamous T-strap footwear style. He used 800 Kuwait diamonds,1000 diamonds, and 400 precious Swarovski stones in making these heels. Regina King at 2005 Oscars wore them and later off auctioned off at the price of $1 Million.
  5. Diamond Studded Nike Boots

    footy-boots.comLuisa Di Marco designed Nike’s diamond studded boots by using white gold, sapphire stones, and black diamonds. Wayne Rooney, John Terry and Rio Ferdinand wore the shoes. These Nike shoes are valued to be around $218,000 and believed to be most expensive sports shoes.
  6. Diamond Pumps by Nick Cannon
    Jason of Beverly Hills dressed up his pair of Tom Ford evening pumps with approximately 14,000 white diamonds set in white gold for America’s Got Talent season finale. The shoes are priced at $2 million and the entire process of setting these diamonds took around a year to get complete.
  7. Rita Hayworth Heels by Stuart Weitzman
    This was another of Stuart Weitzman creation. Kathleen to Oscars of 2006 wore these heels that cost around $3 million. The shoes that are chocolaty colored feature sapphires, rubies, and diamonds. The shoes are named after Rita Hayworth since they boast of a pair of earning that belonged to her and today these heels belong to her daughter.

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