Want To Book Room On The Clouds? Try These Highest Hotels. . .

Some sky-scrappers across the world are well known for various reasons like their unique architecture, their height, what all they consist of and much more. Most of these sky-scrappers have luxurious hotels occupying top floors that would provide you with an experience of a lifetime.
Staying in such hotels would be a dream come true for many and these extravagant hotels often become a landmark of cities they are located in. These hotels also give some excellent opportunities for economic development and tourism development to the countries they are located in. Here are a few of the world’s highest hotels:

  1. JW Marriot Marquis, Dubai
    Marriot holds the title of being the tallest hotel in the world for its outlet in Dubai. Built in 2012, Marriot Marquis is 1165 feet tall consisting of 77 floors. It is a twin-tower structure having a total of 1608 hotel rooms. The hotel comprises of rooftop bars, meeting rooms, retail outlets, a business center, gym, and a swimming pool. The design of this hotel is inspired from the trunk of a date palm.
  2. Shangri-La, London

    Shangri-La London is the highest hotel in UK and is located in one of the skyscrapers of London namely Shard. The hotel takes up 34 to 52 floors of the skyscraper. The hotel offers 5-star luxury plus the mesmerizing view of the city that the hotel residents can enjoy.
  3. Fairmount, Saudi Arabia

    Fairmount hotel is located within Makkah Clock Royal Tower, which is 1971 feet high. This hotel occupies 22nd floor to 60th floor of the Tower. The hotel is very luxurious and is indeed situated in a great location. The hotel offers 24-hour concierge services, fully equipped gym, meeting rooms, a ballroom, and 9 state-of-art dining venues amongst others.
  4. The Splendor Kaohsiung Hotel, Kaohsiung

    The Taiwanese hotel, The Splendor is located in 1141 feet Tuntex Sky Tower in Kaohsiung. The hotel takes up 1st to the 79th floor of the Sky Tower. The 85-storey Sky Tower is an architectural symbol of Kaohsiung emerging to be a tourist-friendly and welcoming city.
  5. InterContinental Landmark, Hanoi

    InterContinental Landmark hotel is located in a 72-storey Keangnam Hanoi Landmark Hotel building that is 1102 feet tall and occupies 62nd floor to 70th floor. This hotel is the tallest hotel in Southeast Asia and features around 359 rooms in total. Its location is very ideal and the City Center is just 8 kms away.
  6. Grand Hyatt, Shanghai

    Grand Hyatt is situated in Jin Mao Tower that is 1381 feet tall and is located on 51st floor to 87th floor of the Tower. The tower has very striking and elegant Art Deco Architecture. Grand Hyatt is a 5-star luxurious property, which boasts of floor-to-ceiling windows, 9 restaurants all serving different cuisines, sky pool, business center, and various versatile meeting rooms amongst other amenities.
  7. Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong

    Ritz-Carlton, which is the world’s highest hotel, is located in 1587 feet tall International Commerce Center. The hotel takes up International Commerce Center’s top 17 floors and offers breathtaking views of the city. Ritz-Carlton’s rooftop bar Ozone is very popular and one of the main attractions of the hotel.


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