Golden Globes is the perfect event for celebs to shine and make their mark. For celebrities, this annual event is synonymous with glamor, couture, and high-end designers. Golden Globes is the place where celebrities get noticed globally for the way they are dressed, the way they carry themselves and what designer they have chosen for the event. However, not everyone can get this look correct and match the expectations that this event has set.
Here are few worst dressed celebrities of Golden Globes till date:

  1. Jane Fonda, 2016
    The Grace and Frankie star is rarely wrongly dressed but her cream-colored Yves Saint Laurent dress had too much ruffle and made her look stuffy which is odd as she is small framed.
  2. Helena Bonham Carter, 2011
    Helena Bonham Carter was dressed in Vivienne Westwood which totally looked out of place and indeed very quirky. Her ensemble included a pair of sunglasses and mismatched shoes that did no justice to her looks.
  3. Gwyneth Paltrow, 2000
    Gwyneth Paltrow didn’t at all look like she was dressed for the Golden Globes and had literally put in no efforts dressing up. She wore a light-yellow colored halter-top along with brown pants.
  4. Whoopi Goldberg, 1986
    Whoopi Goldberg was dressed in bright yellow pants, bright yellow top matched with a white overcoat and white shoes. She won an award for Best Actress in a Motion Picture Drama that year.
  5. Julia Roberts, 1990
    Julia Roberts won The Best Supporting Actress award for her performance in “Steel Magnolias”. However, she didn’t make much of an impression with her dressing. She looked more of an office-going woman rather than a glamorous actress.
  6. Tyra Banks, 2000
    The supermodel Tyra Banks wore a full lavender tulle creation that seemed very prom-like in Golden Globes award 2000. The very purple dress definitely did not suit the occasion.
  7. Lara Flynn Boyle, 2003
    Lara Flynn Boyle wore a fluffy baby pink colored dress that seemed somewhere between a ballet dress and what normally 7-year olds wear to a birthday party.
  8. Cameron Diaz, 1999
    The very stunning actress who usually makes her mark failed to do so that year by wearing a full length wrapped type of robe that was off-shouldered with black pants. Looking back today, that dress was way past the fashion even in 90’s.
  9. Juliette Lewis, 1994
    A very plain black dress with a silver weird hairpiece that Juliette Lewis chose to wear at the Golden Globes of 1994, did not go well with the critics.
  10. Fran Drescher, 1996
    Fran Drescher looked like she was carrying a bouquet on her head with that floral hairpiece that she chose to wear with a white gown. Where a single flower would have sufficed, she picked up loads of them and it definitely looked very odd.
  11. Diane Kruger, 2005
    Diane Kruger turned heads for her dress that was simply wrong for the occasion. Marchesa designed the dress and she too later admitted in an interview with “Stylist” that it was a wrong outfit for that ceremony.

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