10 Health Benefits Of Turmeric That Prove It Is Superior Than Any Medicine. . .

Almost everyone is familiar with Turmeric. Yes, the main spice in every Indian curry! Did you know that Turmeric is the most powerful herb on the planet? Well, there have been countless studies with over 6,235 published articles that prove its health benefits. All these scientific studies and not to mention our very own Ayurveda suggests that turmeric is superior as compared to many medications. Here are 10 evidence-based health benefits of Turmeric to support this claim –

  1. Turmeric is better than Aspirin
    Turmeric is a powerful anti-coagulant just like Aspirin. Not only that it has potentially no side-effect unlike these medicines like Aspirin or Ibuprofen.
  2. Turmeric is a powerful anti-depressant
    Turmeric is effective in treating depression or symptoms related to it. It is, in fact, the safest therapy for treatment of patients with mild or low depression. In the same way, it can cure you of insomnia.
  3. It is a natural pain killer and is beneficial in arthritis
    The powerful anti-inflammatory and pain reducing properties of Turmeric make it ideal for treating arthritis.
  4. An excellent herb in diabetes management
    There is no better treating than incorporating turmeric in your diet in order to lower blood sugar. Several studies suggest that turmeric helps in reversing diabetes after prolonged use.
  5. Helps patients with gastrointestinal problems
    It often happens that people with digestive or stomach issues become intolerant to certain medications. In such cases, turmeric is beneficial because of its anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps to heal the gut and support the growth of good bacteria.
  6. Regulates cholesterol
    Cholesterol is one of the major culprit behind heart diseases. Turmeric is equally effective in reducing cholesterol just like the traditional medicines minus the side effects.
  7. Increases antioxidant capacity of body
    Antioxidants keep the free radicals away and help to increase the overall immunity of the body. Turmeric supplies our body with antioxidants and also stimulate body’s own antioxidant mechanism. You can even use it as a mask on any part of the body.
  8. Helps prevent cancer
    Recently turmeric received a lot of attention in the research world because of its ability to decrease tumor size and ultimately kill cancer cells. It works naturally to treat cancer and is effective for treating skin cancer and breast cancer.
  9. Delays aging
    Turmeric is a potent anti-aging substance. It can be taken as a supplement every day to delay aging and boost body’s antioxidant system.
  10. An effective steroid
    Turmeric has an ability to cure severe conditions that are normally treated with steroids. We all know that steroids come with a lot of side effects. So if you are looking for a natural approach without any side-effect, then turmeric is the best choice for treating diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, chronic pain etc.

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