Super-Hot Actresses That Appeared As Nerds On Screen!. . .

Nerdy or geeky people set an impression in our minds. Whenever we think of them, we always think them with oily hair tied up in a bun, huge spectacles, and carrying books in one arm. One has surely heard the phrase ‘Looks can deceive’ and that actually is true in the case of these female nerdy characters. These ladies who portray nerdy geeky characters on-screen are actually very sexy and attractive. Here are few of such characters:

  1. Bernadette, The Big Bang Theory
    Bernadette who played a waitress in The Big Bang Theory was pictured being just as intellectual and capable as the guys in the show. However, there were many talks regarding her looks when in fact her blonde hair, glasses, and her fantastic figure made her look extremely sexy. The actor Melissa Rauch did prove herself to be sexy in other shows she featured like “Maxim”.
  2. Hermione Granger, Harry Potter series
    Hermione Granger, the brightest witch of her age and the nerdiest person at Hogwarts was slowly portrayed to be evolving into a beautiful young woman. Emma Watson who plays Hermione indeed has raw beauty and undoubtedly charm around her. Hermione’s charm was first shown in the fourth movie i.e. Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire where she was seen dressed up in a pretty feminine pink gown for the Yule Ball.
  3. Angela Bennett, The Net
    Sandra Bullock’s The Net which came out in 1995 would be laughable today but Sandra Bullock is seen as an IT expert and a computer geek who spends all her time on her computer and the one who has no real friends. Since then, Sandra Bullock has proved how hot and sexy she is and today imagining her as a geek would be almost impossible.
  4. Alex Dunphy, Modern Family
    Ariel Winter plays the character of Alex Dunphy who is very conservative and shy but that is literally the total opposite of who Ariel is in real life. Her character is a very stereotype precocious type and the one who demands recognition for every little accomplishment. However, she is indeed very attractive and hot in real life.
  5. Annie Edison, Community
    Alison Brie plays the character of Annie Edison. Annie is shown to be a repressed, youngest, and the most studious one in her group. She is indeed very sexy and that can be seen in the show even if it was a hysterical situation like making moves on guys that would normally backfire.
  6. Anita Lesnicki, Jennifer’s Body
    Amanda Seyfried plays Anita Lesnick in the movie Jennifer’s Body, which is a high school horror movie that released in 2009. She was shown to be an ugly one who would eventually emerge to be a sexy one. However, this did not turn out to be very effective since she didn’t really look ugly. In fact, she looks very stunning even with geeky glasses on.
  7. Jess, New Girl
    Zooey Deschanel plays the character of Jess who plays a perfect geeky girl in New Girl. Her character is not that different than what Zooey is but once those glasses are removed she looks very sexy.

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