12 Things About Smokers That Non-Smokers Absolutely Hate. . .

As a smoker, you don’t really care whether you are puffing in front of any child or around the people who absolutely hate smoking. It’s natural that many non-smokers hate being around the ones who smoke but they cannot really force you to stop it as you are very much used to it now. While you can’t quit that easily, you can at least make an effort to not piss people off who don’t like to smoke at all. There are many reasons why non-smokers don’t like to be around the ones who smoke. Scroll down for our list of 12 genuine things which we hate about smokers:

  1. We can’t stand the cigarette smell that not only comes from their body but also when they breathe.
  2. They think it’s their moral duty to share the cigarettes and lighters with other fellow smokers.
    As if one smoker was not enough for us.giphy.com
  3. When smokers think they are looking cool while smoking.

    What a joke!giphy.com

  4. When there is a lot of space to puff the smoke but these damn smokers love to blow it right on your face.


  5. When you have a smoker friend due to which your clothes smell like cigarette and people think you are also a smoker.


  6. When a stranger asks you for a lighter and you give that weird reaction because you don’t smoke at all.
    How dare you!giphy.com
  7. When you have breathing problem and you pass by someone who is smoking.

    Like seriously, why you do this?giphy.com

  8. When you are stuck in traffic with your chained smoker friend and he start smoking right in front of you.

    Get me out of here.giphy.com

  9. When they are out with you for dinner and they run outside for a mandatory cigarette right after finishing meal.

    Are you gonna die if you miss it for once?giphy.com

  10. And you can’t trust your eyes when you see a girl smoking like a pro.
    That’s not cool at all.
  11. When you tell them that smoking is injurious for health and they always say, ‘we are quitting from tomorrow’.

    But tomorrow never comes.

  12. When you washed you hair with a scented shampoo but it ends up smelling like cigarette because you have been around a smoker.

    That’s terrible.

  13. Their favorite excuse of smoking, ‘we are smoking to relieve the stress we have’.

    Oh come on! Tell us something new.


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