9 Abandoned And Fascinating Mansions Around The World. . .

There is just something timeless about artistic and lavishing mansions that make my heart skip a beat. Though, not every property in the world has the same fate. There are some remarkable mansions that were once the center of excellence. Sadly, due to plenty of unavoidable reasons they lost their charm and were left to ruin with time. Here are some of the most fascinating yet abandoned mansions in the world that deserves to be in the limelight again.

  1. Halcyon Hall, New York

    SourceBuilt in 1890, Halcyon Hall was a reputed hotel in Millbrook. It was later associated with the Bennett School for Girls, but didn’t manage to sustain financially. It went bankrupt in 1978 and was closed forever.
  2. Pidhirtsi Castle, Ukraine

    SourceAs the name suggests, this vast mansion looks nothing less than a castle. Built in 1635, it was later destroyed by the Russian army during the World War I. It was reconstructed in 1939, but a fire destroyed a major part of the property again.
  3. Lillesden Estate Mansion, UK

    SourceThis mansion was built in 1853 by Edward Lloyd, who used to work as a banker at that time. It gradually lost its charm after the World War I. The building even hosted a school for girls, but it didn’t work out. It has been abandoned since 1999.
  4. Hafodunos Hall, North Wales

    SourceBuilt for Henry Sandbach in 1861, it was considered as one of the most lavishing mansions in Wales. Sadly, by 1993, it was closed and due to lack of maintenance, it was left to dry rot.
  5. Carleton Villa, New York

    SourceIt was originally the summer residence of William Wyckoff. Built way back in 1894, it was sold to General Electric. Though, after the World War II, GE forgot about the property and left it abandoned.
  6. Château de Noisy, Belgium

    SourceThis gothic marvel was owned by the famous Beaufort family in 1870s. After the World War II, it was taken over by the Railway Company of Belgium. Sadly, it was neglected by the authorities in 1991 and has become a ghostly mansion.
  7. Chaonei 81, China

    SourceLocated in Beijing, this mansion was built almost a hundred years ago by the British colonists. It was the house of high-ranked national officials back then. Though, after the Chinese independence, the mansion was left abandoned. Currently, no one tries to visit the property as it is associated with deeply rooted local tales and is considered haunted by many.
  8. Jackling House, California

    SourceThe house was originally owned by Steve Jobs. He was about to renovate the place and make it his new residence in 2011, when he died of pancreatic cancer. The mansion was not claimed by anyone and lost its charm in a matter of a few years.
  9. Round Mansion, Belgium

    SourceWhat is creepy about this mansion is that nobody really knows about its origin. It was constructed in 1990s and is still filled with personal stuffs like clothes, books, etc. It was assumed that the owners left the mansion hurriedly, leaving furniture and other precious belongings in the mansion. Surprisingly, most of the belongings are still intact, making it a haven for urban explorers.

Your residence might mean the world to you, but at the end of the day – it is just made of brick and mortar. Preserve it as much as you can and don’t let it face a terrible (and abandoned) future.

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