Must-Try For Foodies: World’s Most Expensive Restaurants. . .

Dining at world’s some of the best hotels is definitely the most cherished dream for food lovers. But do you know which are the world’s most expensive restaurants?

Through this article, we take you to the tour of the most expensive restaurants across the world which are not only preferred for food but also of their ambiances.

  1. This is one of the popular eateries by Chef Gordon Ramsay. A meal for two will cost you $500 approx sans the service tax, wine or other things. A three-course meal here consists of modern French cuisines like Pan Fried Scallops from the Isle of Mull, Ravioli, Cornish Brown and King Crab Salad, and Sautéed Foie Grass among many.

  2. Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare, New York City
    If you have heard about the lovely meals served here, you should also know that it’s equally hard to book a reservation here. The reason is the head Chef César Ramirez’, who alters the menu on a daily basis. The menu comprises mostly of French and Japanese cuisines and focuses mainly on seafood and shellfish. It has a wine cellar of 3000 bottles. The cost of dining here is approximate $300.

  3. SubliMotion, SpainThe cost of dining here is a whopping $2200 approx. It is located inside the Hard Rock Hotel in Ibiza. Each seating here, which they prefer to call “show”, can accommodate 12 diners. It features one tasting menu of about 15-20 courses. This is the perfect place to treat your senses which combine food art, music, visual art, and hi-tech headsets.

  4. Masa, New York CityRenowned Chef Masa Takayama opened this eatery in 2004 as a Japanese sushi restaurant. The cost of dining here is $595 per person, excluding drinks and taxes. This place is famous as a hangout zone for celebrities and top notch businessmen of Hollywood.

  5. Maison Pic, FranceChef Anna-Sophie Pic joined the restaurant in Valence, France following the footsteps of her father and grandfather. The restaurant is known for serving lip-smacking meals like Foie Gras Bonbon with Lemon Jelly, Peanut Marshmallow, Beetroot of different textures and varieties,  Banon Goat Cheese Berlingots and much more. A full course meal costs $442 per person.

  6. Aragawa, JapanIf you want to have the finest steak, then you should visit Aragawa. A meal for one person costs $370 but the fact is you have to wait to get a reservation. This is because the Wagyu beef which is served here comes from only one local farm. The time and the procedure to raise the cattle is tedious and that is where the high prices come.

  7. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, MaldivesThis restaurant will provide you one of the finest dining experiences as it is located 10 feet below the Indian Ocean. It can accommodate only 14 diners at once and the signature meals of this place are Lobster Carpaccio, Agnolotti of Duck, Truffle Dumplings, and Mascarpone. A meal for one person costs $320.

  8. Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester, LondonIf you want to indulge in some modern French cuisine, then this is your ideal place. The pocket pinch is $343 per person. The menu comprises of old Comté cheese, gently smoked fins, tartufi di Alba and many more.

  9. Restaurant Crissier, SwitzerlandThe restaurant was established by Chef Benôit Violier and his wife Brigitte. The cost of dining is $375 per person and provides a nice ambiance to the diners. There is an ensemble of various menus like Purple Sea Urchin, Roasted Lamb, Wild Turbot and Duck Foie Gras.

  10. Plaza Athénéé, ParisThe cost of dining is $550 per person, but when it is Paris, you won’t mind paying it. The place itself is a work of art with almost 10,000 chandeliers beaming. The menu is varied and comprises of different varieties of wine.


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