Express Your Love With These Different Varieties Of Roses!. . .

Whenever we think of romance or garden, the first thing that pops up our mind is a rose. No flowers are more romantic than roses, nor do any other flowers complete a garden as roses do.

There are more than 150 species of roses, thousands of hybrids available in nearly every color and shapes. Floral specialists have divided the rose family into three categories namely Modern Garden Roses, Old Garden Roses, and Wild Roses. Garden roses are further subdivided according to their lineage and hybrid.  Here are few main types of roses:

  1. Shrub Roses
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    Shrub Roses are basically those that do not fall into any other category and most of them are those that are a crossbreed of Modern Roses and Old Garden Roses. They have traits from each breed and are mostly easy to care plants. Their blooming style maybe cabbage-like or single and for each type of blooming, their fragrance level will differ. Shrub roses would mostly bloom repeatedly and would spread easily.
  2. Alba Roses
    Alba Roses can be traced back to somewhere around 100 AD and hence are one of the oldest garden roses there are. These roses bloom in early summer or late spring and are tall elegant bushes that have pale pink or white blossoms. These roses are easy to maintain, are resistant to disease, and can easily tolerate cold conditions.
  3. Modern Garden Roses
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    Modern Garden Roses are those that started breeding after 1867. These roses are basically classified on basis of its flowering characteristics and growth even though their classification can become complicated because some of theirs ancestors can be traced back to Old Garden Roses. Modern Roses bloom all around the year and also have larger bloom size. They do not have fragrance but are disease-resistant.

  4. David Austin/English

    David Austin roses are popularly known as English Roses and are the ones which are very popular amongst consumers. These roses started breeding approximately 50 years back and have got the best traits from Modern Roses and Old Roses. They normally have a very good fragrance, rosette form, wider color range and bloom repeatedly.

  5. Groundcover Roses are also known as Landscape Roses and were developed to bring to the consumers such garden roses that offer form, fragrance, color, and are easy to maintain. These roses are also resistant to disease, have low growing of approximately 1 foot to 3 feet and give repeat flowering.
  6. Hybrid Tea Roses

    pinterest.comThey are a part of Modern Roses and offer a wide range of colors. These roses are popular for their long, upright stems, and well-formed blooms. However, they have high maintenance and are least hardy of all the modern roses. The bloom of these roses can go up to 5 inches in diameter.
  7. Miniature Roses

    steemit.comMiniature Roses are named so because they are a miniature version of Hybrid Tea roses. These roses have petite stems, flowers, leaves, and are very versatile. They can bloom for continuous 2-3 weeks and are mostly sold as houseplants since they have the capacity to grow very well in containers. They can grow as tall as 18 inches and come in a variety of colors such as white, pink, orange, red and such.


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