Have a Birthmark? Transform it into an Amazing Tattoo!. . .

Birthmarks are something which you can’t do anything about but that is not true anymore. Technology has changed that and thus proving that sometimes some weird ideas can turn a not-so-good thing into a really good thing.
Some people have started using their birthmarks into a tattoo and thus finding a really good use of their birthmark. These tattoos not only cover the birthmarks but also make them an integral part of the tattoo. Here are few such instances where birthmarks are integrated into a tattoo:

  1. Transforming Birthmark into an Imaginary World
    A New York-based college student transformed the birthmark on the majority part of his arm into an imaginary world. The idea was very simple yet very artistic. He outlined his birthmark using a black pen and thus created his very own world.
  2. Basketball in motion
    This again is a very creative idea where a round shaped birthmark has been converted into a basketball and a player has been tattooed thus making the overall art look like a basketball player in motion.
  3. Birthmark Showing Travel story
    A birthmark on the arm has been converted into that person’s travel story. The tattoo shows the year in which he started traveling and which all places have been covered. The tattoo has been made on the birthmark thus utilizing the birthmark optimally.
  4. Converting into a Turtle
    A birthmark on her leg turned out to be a blessing in disguise when she used it to get a tattoo of a turtle. The oval shaped brownish birthmark was very smartly used as the turtle’s back and the other parts were such colored that no one can really figure out that there is a birthmark under it.
  5. Birthmark transformed into an Owl
    This tattoo would have been a Harry Potter fan’s dream come true. The oval shaped birthmark was used to make an owl whereas the cage was drawn around it. At the foot of the cage, few books were drawn while a wand was placed next to it. The tattoo seemed like a picture taken right out of the movie.
  6. Getting a tattoo similar to daughter’s birthmark
    A parent got a tattoo at that exact spot on her hand where her daughter has the similar birthmark. It indeed is a very touching and something that none of them would ever forget throughout their lives.
  7. Covering up Third Degree Burn Scars
    Two tattoo artists namely Guy Aitchison and Jon Clue brilliantly covered up Anthony’s third degree burn scar that ran all over his arm. This was done in such a way that no one could ever tell that Anthony had burn scars over his entire arm.
  8. Burn Scar into a Flower Design
    The burn scar caused by splashing of hot coffee over shoulder blades was converted into very colorful and attractive flower design. The tattoo was made using organic ink and thus assuring that it would leave no side-effects and also served the purpose of hiding scars permanently.

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