Royalty At Its Best: The Most Beautiful Royals Ever. . .

Beauty and Royalty shares a deep relation since time immemorial. The world is also a witness of the same with numerous royals, princesses, and queens alike who lived on this earth and conquered our heart.

Let us remember some of them who have left a mark on us with their extraordinary beauty and grace.

  1. Prince Margaret, Countess of Snowdon
    400806 37: (FILE PHOTO) Princess Margaret returns to Clarence House October 17, 1955 after a weekend in the country where Group Captain Peter Townsend was also a guest. The decision not to marry Townsend was announced October 31, 1955. Buckingham Palace announced that Princess Margaret died peacefully in her sleep at 1:30AM EST at the King Edward VII Hospital February 9, 2002 in London. (Photo by Getty Images)
    Prince Margaret is the younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II and is considered one of the most beautiful of all the royals the world has ever seen. Though she is regarded as a controversial member of the royal family with her divorce and numerous affairs, she was a royal in all other aspects.
  2. Princess Grace of MonacoHollywood actress Grace Kelly wed Prince Rainier of Monaco in 1956 and became Princess Grace. She had a fairytale wedding, the stuff which is every girl’s dream. She died in a car accident but her beauty and aura are still talked about.

  3. Princess Diana, Princess of WalesOne of the most beautiful royals the world has ever seen was Princess Diana. She was married to Prince Charles and had two children, Prince William and Prince Harry. She died in a car accident in 1997 which left the whole world mourning. She is still known for her humanitarian work.

  4. Queen Rania, JordanQueen Consort of King Abdullah II, the Jordan King, Queen Rania Al Abdullah is known not only for her beauty and sense of dressing but also for her humanitarian activities. In the 2009 list of the world’s most influential women, she came 76th.

  5. Maharani Gayatri Devi, Queen of JaipurShe is the epitome of beauty and grace and was born in Coochebhar, West Bengal in 1919. She was the third Maharani Consort of Jaipur, married to Sawai Man Singh II Bahadur in May 1940. She was regarded as one of the international fashion icons.

  6. Princess Mary, DenmarkShe was born in Australia and is married to Frederick, the Crown Prince of Denmark. She ranked 8th in the list of world’s most beautiful royals. She is the mother of twins Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine and is known for her beauty and grace.

  7. Kate MiddletonEngland’s future queen Kate Middleton is married to Prince William. Her ascend from being a commoner to royalty is a striking story. She has a charming persona and her beauty is low key which makes her all the more graceful.

  8. Princess Madeleine, SwedenShe is the youngest daughter of King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia. She is not only beautiful but gives off a royal charm. She is known for her sense of fashion and her beaming smile. Recently, she was placed 12th on the list of Forbes “Hottest Young Royals”.

  9. Charlotte Casiraghi, MonacoShe is the granddaughter of Prince Grace and is fourth in the line of the throne of Monaco. She doesn’t have the cult blonde hair and a blue eye like her grandmother but has her own aura and charisma. She has her own sense of fashion and is a journalist. She is also an equestrienne by profession.

  10. Princess Masako, JapanMasako Owada, the Crown Princess of Japan, is the daughter of a diplomat and is married to Prince Naruhito of Japan. Though she remains out of public eye most of the time for her personal issues, yet she has come off as a lovely human being whenever she made public appearances.


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