Sitcoms that will keep your funny bones busy. . .

What are sitcoms? Sitcoms are no brainer, all laughs. It is the short form of Situational comedy. From old granny, to a 8 year old kid everyone loves and enjoys sitcoms. But what is that thing which makes sitcoms so popular? Is it the title track, the one-liners or the comebacks. The truth is there is nothing in particular, there are no rules when you make a sitcom. What is important there is just having funny situations and new plots of creativity that will make everyone laugh.

There are endless sitcoms out there, but here are our absolute favorites:

  1. That 70’s show (1998-2006)
    This show is about teenagers in bell bottoms and record players. The plot is about a group of friends who love to hang out together, eat popsicles and drink beer. These teenagers make you wish that you could hang out with your friends all day long. They indulge in a lot of adventure, road trips, and love affairs.
  2. South Park (Since 1997)

    By far one of the most successful sitcoms. It is an animated series where they twist current affairs into humor. All the stories are told by four school kids. The show has offensive content by all means. They have very funny satirical jokes on current affairs.

  3. How I met your Mother (2005-2014)

    This is a story of Ted Mosby, who tells his kids about their mother and how he met her. The story has amazing character and one character that stands out the most is Barney Stinson, who is a casanova and Aaa (wait for it)….mazing. The story has romance and beer; lots of beer! You will totally love the discussion that the friends have every time and it is something that will inspire you.

  4. The Simpsons (Since 1998)

    This story is about an American dysfunctional Family. The husband, Homer is a complete nut case. But the family loves each other. This show gets better with every episode you watch. It is full of pop culture and it would make you ROFL.

  5. F.R.I.E.N.D.S (1994 to 2004)

    Ask anyone who was born in the nineties and they would say that Friends have been ‘the series’ that they have watched while growing up. Every episode has a different story, while the main story line runs behind. The bar they visit, and the house that they live in, everything is so well done. The story line and the characters are someone you can relate to and you will love watching this series.

  6. Two and a half men (2003 to 2015)

    A situational comedy that has two brothers, one with a zooming career and another one who makes peanut. Charlie is the brat who owns a Malibu beach house and Allen who stays with Charlie along with his kids. Not to mention their mother who is a total bad ass wicked women, whom we love for her come back.

    If you have missed out on watching any one of these, try getting you hands on them as soon as possible.



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