11 Snack Combinations That Sound Extremely Questionable. . .

Just like relationships, some snacks are made for each other like carrots with capsicums, chicken with fries and ice cream with waffles. These combinations look pretty good and delicious, but now everything is going wilder and more exciting than ever. Have you ever thought to try any sauce with chocolate or french fries with honey? Or any other weird food combination? We have put together a list of 11 most unique snack combinations which may look disgusting to some, but believe me they are not that bad when you eat them. Have a look yourself and decide:

  1. Margherita pizza and strawberries
    www.menshealth.comEver thought of putting strawberries instead of tomatoes on margherita pizza? Try it once. I promise you won’t regret it.
  2. Dark chocolate and Parmesan cheese sandwich
    www.huffingtonpost.comThis snack combination is not only very tasty but is also super easy to make. Just layer some dark chocolate with parmesan cheese on the slices and heat for few seconds in microwave. After that, grill the sandwich the way you prefer.
  3. Hot sauce and cauliflower
    www.stylenectar.comEveryone loves to eat chicken wings with hot sauce, but have you ever thought of eating you favorite veggie covered in this sauce? This fried cauliflower with sauce is another mouthwatering snack should definitely try.
  4. Avocado and chocolate
    www.crazyforcrust.comThis is one of the most rare snack combinations you have ever heard of. All you have to do is just roll avocado and chocolate mixture in cocoa powder and sprinkles. A lip-smacking dessert is ready to eat.
  5. Nutella and fries
    www.toronto4kids.comWe all love nutella spread and add it in a variety of desserts. There is another unique use of nutella and that is with potato fries or with sweet potato. It may sound weird but once you eat it, you’ll want more.
  6. Mango and chili
    www.wholefoodsmarket.comThe most delicious snack on our list is spicy mango. Yes that’s true. Cut the mango into cubes and sprinkle some lime juice, salt and other spices of your choice on it. Enjoy the mouthwatering sweet and sour snack.
  7. M&Ms and pizza
    www.pinterest.comWe ate variety of pizzas all our lives but never did we think of puttiing M&Ms topping on the pizza. Try this new technique and enjoy the most delicious combination.
  8. Yogurt and eggs
    cooking.nytimes.comMake this perfect breakfast by adding yoghurt and mint to your regular poached eggs. Serve with bread of your choice.
  9. Coca-cola and chicken
    www.jocooks.comWe cook chicken wings in a number of ways depending on our taste and choice. This time, when you think of cooking wings, add coco-cola drink to it for a new exciting flavor.
  10. Pickles and peanut butter
    www.buzzfeed.comThis must be absolutely new for your tongue. Take a large piece of pickle, dip it in the peanut butter and eat it up. Such a delicious sweet and sour combination!
  11. Broccoli with Cheetos
    www.saveur.comWe love eating Cheetos whenever we crave for snack. Next time try this delicious combination of Cheetos and broccoli which is not only tasty but also very healthy.

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