Delicious Healthier Dessert Recipes For Your Sugar Cravings. . .

We all love it when the bite of a dessert hits our taste buds. When we are on diet, we all wait for that one cheat day when we can gobble it all. But do not worry anymore, here we have a list of all the goodies, brownies, and cheesecakes, that will not let you be in the guilt of cheating.

  1. Peanut Chocolate Bars
    Cooking these is super easy. Line a foil in a tray, and spray cooking oil on it. Now crush cream crackers or chocolate cookies, add honey and 4 tablespoons dark melted chocolate to the crushed cookies. Let this mixture set in the tray.
    Now for the filling, add reduced fat cream cheese, yogurt, Peanut butter and blend well. Add a little sugar if needed.
    Pour the filling over the set cookie crumb. Add peanuts and sprinkle little Kosher salt. Let this set overnight in the refrigerator and we bet you will defy the sugar craving by much lesser calories.
  2. Oat- meal flax Choco chip cookie
    These cookies are a big hit with the kids. Add 1.5 cups of flour, with 1 cup quick cooking oats, ¼ cup grounded flax seed powder, 1tsp baking soda, ½ tsp ground cinnamon, 1 cup sugar,1tsp vanilla extract, and 12 tablespoons melted butter, 1 cup milk. Make a dough out of these ingredients and scoop out on a baking tray one inch apart. Bake the cookies at 150 degrees for 30 minutes in a preheated oven. Let the cookies cool. Dunk the Cookies in milk and enjoy.
  3. Raspberry and coconut ice cream
    This vegan, gluten-free, naturally sweet icecream can bowl you over. Here is the quick recipe. Pestle 1.5 cups of cashew nuts soaked overnight and strain it. To this mixture add 400 ml coconut milk, 3 tsp melted coconut oil, 1.5 cup maple syrup, 1tsp vanilla extract, a pinch of sea salt, 1 tsp cornstarch. Blend these together until it becomes a smooth paste.
    At last, add 1 cup raspberries and churn only for 30 seconds. Adjust sweetness if needed, and transfer to a bowl and freeze overnight. Churn the bar next day into a paste again.
    Next day, add the frozen churned mix to an ice cream maker and let it get thickened for 45 minutes. Now add the mix in an airtight container. Once the ice cream is set, sit back and enjoy your summers with gluten free ice creams.
  4. Chocolate Chia Mousse
    This one is our absolute favorite. In a small bowl, add 2 tablespoonsChia seeds, 1 tablespoon cocoa powder, 6 tablespoons coconut milk, and one tablespoon honey. Now stir it until combined well. Cover the mixture with a cling foil and let it rest overnight in a fridge.Once Chia seed has absorbed all the liquid, blend it into a paste and transfer it into a serving glass. To garnish, add cocoa dust and mint leaves.
  5. Watermelon ginger popsicles
    A super easy and a bit hit in summer, watermelon popsicle is something that even a child can make it. Blend ½ medium sized watermelon, and a little ginger in a blender. Strain the juice, add ¼ tsp of sea salt.(You can add vodka or tequila to this mixture if you wish to), now transfer the mix into a popsicle mold and, let it refrigerate overnight.

Trust me, this is the queen and a show stealer at every summer barbeque party. Plus, it is totally healthy.

Let us know if you have more such recipes. We love to eat, cheat, and still stay fit.


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