Thalis That Will Get You Smacking Your Lips and Licking Your Fingers!. . .

Most of us say that Indiaisdividedby languages, but India is also divided by the food we eat. There is no doubt that you will be tired trying out new cuisines in India. But Indians will never be tired of presenting new flavors, butmyheartno matter which part of India you are in. These are some of the best Thalis that you must try and say “burrrrrrp…my tummbut my heart wants more”!

  1. Gujarati Thali
    The complete vegetarian delight, Gujarati food will take you to another world of flavors whichmelt in your mouth. The Dhoklas, Dal-Dhokli, Khaman, Khakra, Fafda are just the starters. Wait for Bajre ni Roti, Sev Tamatar Sabji, Papad, and Khichiya churi. If you think that’s all, you have got it wrong. Save some space for Keri ras, Malpua,Jalebi, and Feeni. Our suggestion isthat if you want to try this thali, fast for the royal feast.
  2. Assamese Thali
    If you are a non-vegetarian, gofor the Assamese Thali and you are in for a treat. The Duck curry, Masor tenga (sour fish curry) is something you can never get enough of.TheChicken curry and Pork curry is perfectly accompanied with a bowlof rice. There are vegetable preparationsas well, accompanied with Bamboo shoot chutney. Not to forget the Aaloo pitika and Karoli.For dessert, you are in for a bowl of Piox.Next time you geta chance, do try this thali from the Northeast.
  3. Bhojpuri Thali
    Bhojpuri songs and Bhojpuri Thali are somethings, you can never get tired of. There is a lot of food to enjoy. From crispy bharbhara to simple dahi chuda.A Bhojpuri Thali is an amalgamation of multipleflavors. There is Sattu ka paratha which is high in protein.This paratha is teamed up with Ghughani and Channa sabji. Besan is the highlight of Bhojpuri food, hence, they have Besan ki macchli as their non-veg add on.Litti and Aloo chokha is a great blender in the Bhojpuri cuisine and, it makes you so full that all you can ask for is a bed to sleep on.
  4. Goan Thali
    There is no place for a vegetarian in Goan cuisine. All you can have as a vegetarian is plain rice and Kokam curry.Goan Thali is some serious seafood. There is a lot of Portugese influence on theGoan cuisine.And the Konkan area makes it obvious that there will be a lot of rice and coconut. The Goan rice is enhanced with, Goan Daali and kele ambat. Goan Thalis are heaven for fish-eaterians.Halwa is a very common sweet dish accompanied with these thalis.
  5. South Indian Thali
    These Thalis can be classified into four varieties – Tamil, Andhra, Karnataka, and Kerela
    Kerela Thali is the definite hero of non-veg food. There is Appam and Crab masala,Tiger prawns, Arikkadukka. Once you are done with these, please snack on the banana chips and out of the world Malabar Parathas. These parathas are magical with Alleppey fish,Kozhuva, and Beef Kurumalakittathu.Please keep a good space for world famous elneer pudding.
    Andhra food is comparatively spicier. There are vepudus, Mudda Pappu, Sakkara Pongali and Pachimirapakaya Pappu accompanied with Rasam, Sambhar, and Curd.The meal generally ends with a bowl of Semiya Payasam.
    Karnataka Thali is all about palayas, and kosumbris.There are some typical Karnataka sweets like Mysore pak which are added to the Thali, else it is similar to Andhra food.
    Podi is the highlight of the Tamil Thali. There is coconut chutney,a lot of Chettinad paste and flavour. The hero of every dish is the Urad dal and Curry leaves which they use.
    Tamil and Karnataka cuisines are very much vegetarian platters. All of it is served on banana leaves with a generous amount of rice and ghee. God bless South Indians, for giving us these amazing varieties of Pappus, Palyas,Sambhar,Rasams, and Apalams.
  6. Rajasthani Thali
    A Thalilist is incomplete without this. Rajasthani Thalis have Gatte ki sabji, Keria- Sangri, Lesun chutney, Bajre ki roti, dal, Besan ki roti, Moong dal halwa, Imarti, Malpua, Rabri and the list will go on till you say enough. Rajasthani Thali is a finger-licking feast for every vegetarian.
    Incase, you decide to forget about diet and calories. Go and arouse your taste buds with these cuisines from all over India.

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