These Stunning Cakes Made From Vegetables Are Taking The Internet By Storm. . .

When we think about cakes, the first thing which comes to our mind is ‘sweet’. We all love cakes so much and especially the cakes which have delicious chocolate frosting inside out. Decorated cakes are what we prefer on various occasions. Cakes are pretty fattening and eating a piece can add up a lot of calories to your diet. But what if you eat vegetable cakes which not only taste delicious but are also very healthy? We are not joking. There is a restaurant in Japan where these gorgeous vegetable cakes are sold. The sponge of these cakes is made of soy bean flour and fillings are made of the blends of many vegetables. The outer side of these cakes is very well decorated with veggies and their peels. Check it out yourself:

  1. This delicious and colorful cake is made with carrots, kumquats and variety of other stuff.
  2. This stunning green tower is made of zucchinis and grapes with yummy filling inside.
  3. Royal Yellow cake made of mushrooms with beets and mashed potatoes. A cute pink color is added which made the cake look extra stunning.
  4. This coral pink sweet and sour cake is built with pickles and other vegetables.
  5. Violet cake made with asai beans cram and sweet potato’s slices. Mint is added to the decoration.
  6. Looks like a carrot cake? Yes it is indeed with other vegetable peels. And look inside how all the vegetable blends are perfectly layered.
  7. Another salad cake made of vegetables and glazed with cream cheese.
  8. Look how these pieces look from inside. Can you see those vegetable layering?
  9. Can someone say this is vegetable cake? This is why I have trust issues.

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