9 Beautiful Bridal Outfits Around The World. . .

A wedding is a very sacred and traditional event all around the world. Each place has its own belief regarding how a wedding should be conducted. Everything varies from the attire to the rituals of the wedding according to the place’s traditional and cultural beliefs.
When we think of the wedding attire, the first thing that comes to our mind is either our local attire or the white gown of the bride and black suited groom. However, apart from these, there are other beautiful wedding dresses that are worn around the world. Here are few of them:

  1. Kazakhstani Bride
    In Kazakhstan, the traditional bridal dress is a white flowy dress paired with a conical tall headdress that is locally known as “Saukele” along with a facial veil. This headdress is normally 70 cms long and is basically prepared well before the girl has reached marriageable age.
  2. Ghana Weddings
    In Ghana, both the bride and the groom wear same patterned outfits. Each family has its own customized cloth pattern that they feature on the couple’s outfit. Thus, this often makes the traditional weddings very colorful and fun.
  3. Mongolian Bride
    Mongolian traditional wedding sees the bride and the groom wearing a “Deel”. It is a form of patterned clothing, which the Mongolians have been wearing since centuries. Deel is not only worn by Mongolians, but also by other nomadic tribes who are based in Central Asia.
  4. Sri Lankan Bride
    A Sri Lankan bride gets ready on the basis of both Western and Eastern tradition, thus, wearing traditionally embroidered silk saree paired with European-looking veils. These brides wear heavy jewelry that has many uneven numbered gemstones. The gemstones are uneven numbered because the locals believe odd numbers to be auspicious.
  5. Nubian Bride
    Modern African wedding dress designs by Antherline Couture (South Africa). Picture Source: Nubian Bride
    Modern African wedding dress designs by Antherline Couture (South Africa). Picture Source: Nubian Bride

    In Nubia, a traditional bride would wear three veils. These veils serve different purposes- first one is a colored veil on top of her head; the second one is a sheer veil that would cover her face and the third one is a white heavy sheet that would mask her face totally.

  6. Palestinian Bride
    A Palestinian Bride wears a stunning white flowy dress on her wedding day but she wears a henna dress the night before. This dress is extremely special and its color is customized. The dress is very special because the bride’s mother would embroider it by hand.
  7. Mali Bride
    In Mali, the traditional pullover robe that a bride wears is known as a Kaftan and it would be made in sync with the groom’s dashiki. Most of the people opt for white but some may choose offbeat colors like purple or lavender that represent African royalty.
  8. Korean Bride
    The traditional Korean Bridal costume has been worn since forever and is known as the Hanbok. This traditional outfit consists of a long-sleeved silk jacket and high-waist skirt. The overall outfit would be made of white cotton or silk.
  9. Japanese Bride
    The traditional Japanese brides wear a snow-white colored kimono, which is draped and also wears a headdress that is known as Tsunokakushi that is believed to hide her “horns of jealousy”.

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