Nerd celebs who turned into bombshells. . .

Makeup and the glam world have changed how many celebs look.Why not! They use their money in hiring and have the best makeup artist, the best squad, the best people to decide what they should wear to an event, the best agents, and handlers. If I got all these…damn, I might also look like a celeb.But never mind here is a list of ducklings that turned into swans. The hotties are irresistible!

  1. Patrick Dempsey
    Remember that teen geek in ‘Can’t buy me love’ (1987) and Dr. Derek ‘McDreamy” Shepherd from Grey’s Anatomy. They all looked lean and geeky. Sure Dr. Shepherd looked good, but after the death of the character, Patrick wanted to try something different that he has never tried before. The challenge was that will his fan accept the changed him, will the change suit him? But the new him was so dashing and sexy.
  2. Robert Downey Jr.
    Back in 1986, Ironman was pretty dorky. But since the time he shouldered the avenger Iron man, he looked handsome and made an entry in the most desirable man’s list. The actor transformed himself not only on his looks, but he battled substance abuse and prison time and came back like a superstar and as a much stronger person. We all know that Hollywood loves a strong comeback story. All we can say is that from an underdog to a superhero, the transformation was commendable.
  3. Sarah Jessica Parker
    Who thought Sarah would make it from Square Pegs to becoming a fashion icon and starring in one of the Hollywood’s most fashionable series ‘Sex and the City’? Her show stopping style is a total win whether on screen or on the Red carpet.Fans and viewers love her,and we think she just slays the red carpet with her looks and dressing sense.
  4. Britney Spears
    Yes, that is correct Britney Spears was once dorky as the musketeer in the Mickey mouse club of the 90’s. But undoubtedly she has emerged as one of the most popular, sexy, and thermonuclear pop star. How can someone forget her debut with the ‘Baby one more time’ and look at her, she is the undisputed princess of pop today.
  5. Neil Patrick Harris
    Neil Patrick appeared in Doggie Howser as a teenager with a medical degree. Harris is all grown up and he is ruling the hearts of many in the Hollywood after he was cast as Barney Stinson in a Sitcom How I met your Mom, as an advocate for LGBT issues, as a Tony-winning sensation in the theater scene.
  6. Courteney Cox
    With her goofy dancing style inthe video for Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark.” She became one hot piece of cake when she was cast as Monica in Friends (1994-2004) and then another series Cougar town (2009-2015). With her beautiful black hair and dreamy blue eyes, Courtney is surely a hot selling commodity today.
    Let us know if you like the list and if you want us to add some more names to the list.

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