Not every woman is a handbag addict nor every woman collects different types of handbags but we all have more handbags than we actually need and some of which we have never used. Some of them would have been tucked away in a certain corner of your wardrobe and those which we don’t remember that we own them. However, each woman needs only a few certain types of handbags.

Here are a few types of handbags that every woman should have:

  1. A Crossbody

    Also known as Sling bag, this is definitely a must-have for every girl. These bags are easily wearable and amazingly comfortable. Normally the size of these bags is always sufficient to accommodate necessary stuff. If you are expecting to have a busy day and want to keep your hands free, choose this bag and you are good to go.
  2. A Chic Clutch

    A handbag collection is never complete without a clutch. A clutch has such a chic and feminine look that whether it is any event like a party or brunch, it would complete your look. Plus, since clutches come in various shapes and sizes, there would always be one which would fit your budget.
  3. A Spacious Tote

    marieclaire.comFor those busy days where you have tons to do, have places to go, calls for carrying a spacious tote. A proper roomy tote can hold even your laptop, a pair of shoes, few books and what not. Plus, this bag would look good with any outfit be it casual or formal.
  4. A Weekender

    100toplist.comBe it an impromptu shopping trip or a weekend trip, this is the bag you need. The bag that doubles its capacity can be easily used as a kid’s essential carry bag, a gym bag, and thus, easily replacing your usual handbag. This bag is available in many styles and hence would look good too.
  5. A Statement Handbag

    rocio.coThese bags normally won’t help you carry your stuff and are just for making a fashion statement. Statement bags are available in a variety of shapes and sizes thus giving you loads of choices to select those which would suit you and your outfit the most. These bags be worn both when dressing casually or for an occasion.
  6.  A Bucket Bag

    marinetmarine.comThis bag is normally for casual weekend outings and has such great utility that one can actually get addicted to these bags. Bucket bags have proved that they are here to stay and are so unfussy that you won’t even feel like you are carrying a handbag. Whether you are on a vacation or you are attending a brunch, this bag would suit all occasions.
  7. A Heritage Bag

    This type bag may feel like it has been picked right from your grandmother’s wardrobe yet it looks very classy and chic. Whether you are going to any formal party or to the office, this is the bag for you. The styling of the bag would complete your formal look.


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