Sexiest Female Tennis Players. . .

Have you ever considered or thought about the combination of sports and hotness? Well, we must say what a deadly combination it would be. The world is full of sports and nowadays some of our female players are performing out of the box, be it sports or commercial ads.

These beauties are killing the commercial world with their deadly looks and natural beauty. Some of our world famous female tennis players who were earlier known to just be interested in sports have made a marvelous impact on movies as well as on ads business. Some of them even shifted their career from tennis to role plays. So to know more about them, here is a list of some of the tennis female players who are known to be sexiest in their field.

  1. Maria Sharapova:
    One of the top tennis player Maria is a Russian beauty with deadly shots in sports and natural looks in the commercial. There is actually very fewer people who can match Maris’s success in the commercial world. Besides commercials, she is excellent on the court as well. She achieved world rank no. 1 in the year 2005 and has won 35 WTA titles including all 4 grand slams.
  2. Ana Ivanovic:

    The famous female tennis player who is known to be the face of world female tennis is Ana Ivanovic along with Maria Sharapova. Although she has won around 16WTA titles, but she has won the whole world with her looks by conquering massive profit making endorsement deals. She started her career in 2003 and reached its peak at the end of the year 2008.

  3. Serena Williams:

    williamssisters.yuku.comShe is a perfect example of a popular saying “Blacks Never Crack”. This female player has actually left all records behind, she has won 69 WTA titles which include 21 grand slams and she is still playing strong at the age of 34. The player has maintained her Rank of being no. 1 since 2002. Due to her amazing success and tennis charm, Serena has been a part of a lot of commercial ads and endorsement deals. This girl has really made the US proud.
  4. Eugenie Bouchard:

    This Canadian beauty does not need any introduction. Her beauty is above the records and the way she performs on the court is also something to be appraised. She reached the finals of Wimbledon 2014 after starting berths in both Australian Open and French Open in the same year. The player is working hard towards her sports skills and is surely giving a tough competition to Maria Sharapova with her natural beauty.

  5. Sania Mirza

    notey.comOne of the most successful female sports stars of India is Sania Mirza. She has inspired a lot of people in the country to focus on sports. She has won around 27 in singles and 7 in doubles. She is also amongst the first Indian Female player who has crossed US$ 1 million careers’ earning. She is a part of almost all tennis endorsement deals in India and is also a face of Indian sports for females in the country.

These were some of the female tennis players who are famous for both their in-court skills and their marvelous beauty and sexy appearances.


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