Stupidest things ever said by Rahul Gandhi. . .

Rahul Gandhi has been the element of humor of the congress party. He is also known as ‘Pappu’, ‘Buddhu’. He is the perfect entertaining politician that we all have been needing for years now!

This guy is 40+ but, he is often associated with ‘Chota Bheem.’ The moment he opens his mouth Congress party loses out on a few votes. There are times when we wonder how can a lady like Sonia, have a son like Rahul Pappu Gandhi. Here are a few  statements that made by Rahul, which prove that Rahul is ‘The true Pappu’:

  1. Poverty is a state of mind
    The Congress Vice President has told that poverty is nothing, but a state of mind and, not a shortage of food or materialistic things and confidence is the key to overcome poverty.
    Confidence is the key to overcoming poverty.
    Really??? Just because you have all the 5 star facilities, you cannot say that poverty is a state of mind. He actually has to deal with it.
  2. Congress party mein koi niyam kanoon nahi hai Rahul bhaisaab is the true slayer of his party. In his speech, he said, that Congress Party is an old political party, but there are no rules in it. If there are rules, we make them and webreak them every two minutes.

    Dear Chota Bheem fan, we want to remind you that you belong to congress party and you are the vice-president of the same party.

  3. How can you tell you are just in the airline Industry?

    i.ytimg.comIn one of his confused speech, Rahul Baba told one of the members of the audience that he cannot single himself out as a person from the airline industry. Because the airline has tyres he is in the tyre industry, because the airline has food so he is the food industry, because the airline serves people he is in the hospitality industry.

    But, baba… what are you implying here????

  4. Politics is everywhere, it is in your shirt, it is in your pants 

    In his visit to Punjab, he tried to motivate young candidates to join politics by saying this stupid statement. If I was in the crowd, I would never join politics looking at Rahul.

  5. Gujarat is bigger than the UK, and infact India is bigger than, the United States and the Europe combined. 

    When Rahul made this statement, congress chamchas were clapping. Look like Rahul baba along with the whole congress party needs to take General Knowledge classes.

    We can call ‘Rahul-the Alia Bhatt of Politics’ and our sincere advice to him is that stop watching cartoon network and attend the GK classes, that you skipped.

  6. Apko kya lagta hai, mahilaao ki izzat ki? Bhrastachaar kiya…sorry
    Rahul, it looks like you are taking your Hindi classes from Mommy dearest and no wonder, you are confused with words. But beta, you need to understand that, Bhrastachaar is corruption and balatkaar is rape.. they are two different words.
  7. He addressed the Speaker as Madam, instead of
    Pappu we understand the logical reasoning is a difficult chapter, but this is visual ability.
    There is an endless list of stupid things that Rahul Gandhi does. Thus, even Modiji had to say ‘kuch log umar mein bade ho jate hai par, unki soch nahi badhti.’





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