10 Sexiest Video Games Of The World. . .

Virtual reality is breaking all the conventions of real and fiction. In fact, VR is going to be a new reality. With stunning graphics, cutting-edge technological innovations, and seemingly real scenarios, the video games are pushing boundaries like nothing else.


With an estimated 1.2 billion players who are addicted to video games, this industry is reinventing itself with the sexiest and realistic gaming experience. Here are the 8 sexiest and the most appealing video games that men (and women) would love to play –

  1. BioShock Infinite
    The game is high on the sexiness index, thanks to Elizabeth! She is the main protagonist of this game’s story and also AI’s sidekick. The game revolves around her rescue and is packed with super steamy and intense scenes.
  1. Grand Theft Auto V
    With the fifth edition of this game, it has furthered the grime and grit along with bikini-clad babes and tough dudes. This is certainly one of the most badass games ever made.
  1. Catherine
    Catherine is an adult puzzle game which is perfect for adventure junkies. The players in this game play as Vincent who had an affair with a girl named Catherine but now has to deal with his present girlfriend Katherine. So Vincent keeps having nightmares and he has to push the blocks of the puzzle out of his way, which is the logical aspect of the game.
  1. Tomb Raider
    The game is known for the queen of sex appeal and beauty – Lara Croft. This game has been popular among masses for a long time but with its 2013 edition, it has revamped itself making it a complete knockout.
  1. Luxuria Superbia
    This is one sensuous game described as the game to get simple pleasures with fingers touching the joysticks or touchscreens. There are some speculations about the soft and pink imagery intensifying the experience but then you got to play to know.
  1. The Witcher 2
    This one is a pretty life-like game that spins around the story of a Witcher who travels around the world with his romantic love interest. There are plenty of sex scenes, nudity, multiple storylines and multiple endings.
  1. Heavy Rain
    The game is so realistic that you will be stunned to see its long and engaging sex scenes along with realistic emotions. In fact, you get to control the players’ movements in the sex scenes to get it on.
  1. Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag
    The complete macho game has a lot of booze, badass action, sex scenes, brothels, nudity, pirates and more.
  1. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
    This game has ‘adult-only’ mod that offers fully nude male and female characters to play with. There is another mod that allows having sex with NPCs. This one if truly intense.
  1. A. Noire
    The detective gameplay takes you around high-profile places with beautiful Femme Fatales, alcohol and sex games.


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