9 Valentine’s Day Cakes And Cupcakes To Express Your Love. . .

Valentine’s day is the perfect occasion to show your love to your loved ones whether its your family, friends or your partner. On this day, shopping malls are decorated and huge discounts are offered on variety of items which you can buy as a gift. There are many who opt for delicious cakes and other desserts which they make themselves for their loved ones. Are you also thinking to bake a nice cake or cupcakes for your husband, mom, dad or your best friend on this Valentine’s day? Then see below our list of 9 most yummy and stunning cakes that will definitely make them happier.

  1. Heart Shaped Truffle Box Cake
    womansday.comThis heart-shaped box decorated with truffles on top is surely a great gift for your lover. Cut it and you will get the delicious cake inside.Get the recipe here
  2. “Love Is All Around” Cake Roll
    cleobuttera.comWant him to remember your surprise forever? Then bake this super cute cake roll for him on this Valentine’s day. It has a beautiful heart shaped pattern outside and a little heart inside surrounded with delicious cream cheese frosting.Get the recipe here
  3. Vanilla Cupcakes with Candy Clay Hearts on top
    hoosierhomemade.comForget about the bouquet of flowers, because these vanilla flavored cupcakes with candy clay hearts are far better to surprise your loved ones on Valentine’s day.Get the recipe here
  4. Red Velvet Buttercream Rose Cake
    iambaker.netThis eye-catching red velvet buttercream rose cake is perfect treat for your partner on this special day.Get the recipe here
  5. Dreamy Chocolate Cupcakes
    bakerbynature.comConfess your love with these lip smacking dreamy chocolate cupcakes which has buttercream frosting inside. Write your favorite message on the top of each cupcake.Get the recipe here
  6. Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Cake
    mamalovesfood.comDon’t have too much time to bake something? Don’t worry. This strawberry shortcake bar ice cream cake is super easy to make and is less time consuming. You can decorate it according to your taste and choice.Get the recipe here
  7. Chocolate Covered Cake With Hidden Heart
    momlovesbaking.comThis is the best dessert you can make for anyone on this Valentine’s day. Cut a slice and they’ll find cute pink colored heart inside.Get the recipe here
  8. Pink Lemonade Ombre Cake
    jumblejoy.comThis two colored cake is perfect gift for your wife, girlfriend or your mom on this 14th Feb.Get the recipe here
  9. Valentine’s Day Heart Cupcakes
    amandascookin.comWant to make something simple yet delicious on this special day for you beau? Then bake these heart shaped cupcakes and decorate with different colors and sprinkles on the top.Get the recipe here

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