10 Types Of Foodies You Will Find Everywhere. . .

Food holds different meanings to different people. I mean, look at one of your friends who are busy uploading food pictures on Instagram every day. And then there are those who have more food allergies than you can count. Foodies are everywhere. Ours is the age of rather peculiar foodies with a unique food personality. Let us introduce you to the 10 types of foodies that you can find everywhere (See, how many you can spot in your own circle?!)–

  1. The Social Media Foodie
    As soon as the food arrives, they will take out their camera and play a paparazzi to the food. They won’t practically let you eat until they Instagram it! You are most likely to eat cold food if you are with them.


  1. The Fast Food Foodie
    Give them a pack of chips and burgers and they can live eternally happy. They are committed to junk food more than anything else.


  1. Food Snob
    They can’t keep their mouth shut. They might have never used their own kitchen but will have something to find faults wherever they go. Concentrate on eating (and not arguing) when they are around.


  1. The Anti-Snob
    Their motto is ‘Food is divine’. They swear by it, everything literally. They are never biased about food. You will always find them appreciating the art of cooking and eating off course.


  1. The Dessert Lover
    They have a sweet tooth like no one else. No meal is complete without dessert for them. They actually have a full meal so as to eat dessert in the end.



  1. DIY Foodie
    If they accidentally land up in an expensive restaurant or even an item in the menu, they can’t let it go without analyzing it, whether to eat here or at home. You will always find them saying, ‘it is not worth the price we paid’.



  1. The Know-it-all Foodie
    As the name says, they think of themselves as food experts. They are the ones who eat to review it on Zomato actually.



  1. Always Hungry
    Even though they just finished a heavy meal but as soon as you open a pack of chips, they can’t resist. No matter what, they are always hungry and up for sharing.



  1. I-Made-It-Myself-So-Don’t-Touch-It Foodie
    They are bad with sharing. They make food for themselves and plate it properly and then enjoy it all by themselves. Basically, they are food narcissist and love to cook, but for themselves.



  1. Adventurer Foodie
    They can go to the Bahamas just to eat a particular type of fish. You will always find them making plans to go to a new country and check out some interesting food items. Literally, they travel for food.




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