8 Ways Not To Throw In The Fashion Towel When It’s Freaking Cold Outside. . .

While the temperatures are dropping in most parts of the world, we have to struggle with our urge to look stylish. Think about it. We have to forget about our gorgeous outfits and make friends with chunky winter boots, boring fleece, and heavy jackets. Is there any way to ditch them and look stylish? Yes, there is!


All you need to do is to creatively style your outfit to look at your fashionable best even in winters. Here are some of the inspirations –

  1. Let your boots be the showstopper
    Boots are the best way to look stylish and at the same time get winter-ready. Get the best out of them by styling them in the most creative ways. For instance, wear a fishnet stocking or sheer tights under the boots. You can also pair them with ripped denim for a casual look.
  1. Be a layering pro
    One thing winter teaches us all is to layer. But layering creatively is what makes one pro. So get your coats and vests out of your wardrobe and learn how to layer them one by one. Go for the color-blocked look by layering two contrasting colors.
  1. Style up your coats with belt
    For a unique twist to your coat, put a belt on it. Yeah! A belt is the most versatile accessory and it can actually add a little drama to any winter outfit. Just add a nice waist-clinching belt on top of your coat and you are ready to go.
  1. Embrace fur
    Winters are the best time to flaunt fur. By fur, we mean faux fur, of course. So you can buy fur gloves, fur scarf, fur caps or whatever you like in fur.
  1. Experiment with your scarves
    Scarves are the best winter staples. They can be used to add a little color to brighten up your outfit or simply stack under a blazer for an effortless look. So make a collection of scarves according to your wardrobe winter essentials.
  1. Invest in a good hat
    A good hat can do wonders to complete your outfit. A fleece fedora hat is a great thing to invest in especially for winters.
  1. Leather jacket
    A leather jacket is a must for winters. You can throw it over your dress, jeans, or nearly everything.
  1. Wear your sweater over your dress
    An unconventional way to dress up is to wear your sweater over your short dress and style it up with boots, tights and scarf.


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