9 Things That Will Most Likely Happen When You Move Abroad. . .

Many of us have experienced how living overseas feels like. Even if we have not seen ourselves, we come across many people who go abroad to build their careers or study and learn most unexpected things along the way. From different food to accent to catching wrong buses, the struggle is absolutely real. If you don’t know any of these struggles, then here are 9 of the most shocking things that will definitely happen when you move overseas:

  1. You’ll not be able to understand a single word they say and that will put you in trouble a lot of times.
    giphy.comYou even miss bus stops because you can’t pronounce the name properly.
  2. ‘I can’t eat this’, ‘I can’t eat that’, you’ll have many dietary restrictions as you are not used to eating their food.
    giphy.com‘I just turned vegetarian’, will be your favorite excuse.
  3. You’ll want to eat your traditional food all the time and if you see any restaurant selling it, you’ll scream with joy.
    giphy.comOh my goodness. I have never been this happier before.
  4. That amazing feeling when you see someone speaking your native language and you run towards them to make friendship.
    giphy.comHey bro, can we be best friends?
  5. You’ll attend every social gathering because it’s a golden opportunity to make some new friends.
    giphy.comSay ‘yes’ to every invitation you get.
  6. Your Facebook will be full of new pictures you took when you went to a new place for the first time; just to make your friends jealous.
    giphy.comShopping time, beach time, waiting on bus stop, eating at restaurant; you won’t miss clicking any single moment.
  7. You’ll feel homesick for some time until you get completely settled which can take a few months.
    giphy.comYou realize the true meaning of being with family while you are away.
  8. Your family and friends back home make fun of your newly formed accent.
    giphy.comBecause you have no idea how to talk properly.
  9. Amidst all these struggles, you’ll become the better version of yourself.
    giphy.comIn the end, accomplishing your goal matters the most.

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