This Is What Happens When You Are In A Relationship With A Crazy Cat Lover. . .

There are many of us who don’t like keeping pets because of number of reasons but that doesn’t mean we don’t love them. We do, but keeping them in our homes is something we can’t do. We come across many people who are crazy cat lovers. If they see cat anywhere, they leave you in the middle and run towards them. Are you in a relationship or friends with someone who is a cat person? Then here are 9 things which you can definitely relate to if you are usually around that cat lover:

  1. They ignore you completely when they are with their cat.
    giphy.comAnd whenever they see any cute cat in public, they’ll leave you right there and run towards that cat.
  2. There will always be that cat food smell coming from their home.
    giphy.comIf you are staying at their place and open their fridge to eat something, you will only smell cat food.
  3. Their cat will photo bomb all your selfies and you can’t really do anything about it.
    giphy.comThere is not a single photo of you and your partner without that cat.
  4. You’ll find the cat fur almost everywhere in their home and even on their clothes.
    cutepetplanet.tumblr.comWhen you borrow their shirt or sweater and find little fur all over it which doesn’t look cool at all.
  5. You can’t expect them to stay till late night because their cat is waiting for them at home.
    giphy.comThey have to arrive on time as their cat never goes to bed without them.
  6. They are very possessive about their cat and really mind if you say anything bad about them.
    giphy.comHow dare you say that about my baby?
  7. Their night cuddles will only be for their cat that’ll not even let you come closer.
    giphy.comAnd if you try to act smart, their cat with scratch your skin with sharp nails.
  8. They’ll always buy take away food whenever you both dine in.
    giphy.comBecause their hungry cat is in no mood to eat that plain cat food.
  9. ‘My baby’, ‘my love’, ‘my sweetheart’, these words are not for you anymore. It’s for their cat.
    giphy.comAll that love talk and sweet messages are for their cat now.

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