9 Thoughtful Gifts For Your Beloved On Valentine’s Day That Aren’t Chocolates. . .

If you are not picking chocolates this year, here are some really thoughtful presents to do the trick. This Valentine’s Day, chocolate is not the route where you want to go. Instead, think about buying something that will last for years.


So if you think that you are lost in the sea of gifts in a gift store, let us help you out. Here are 10 thoughtful gifts for your beloved to surprise on this Valentine’s Day –

  1. Champagne
    If you are a lover of classics, then a bottle of champagne is the best bet. Go for vintage ones. The best thing is that both men and women love champagne, so you can gift it regardless of the gender.
  1. Headphones
    If your partner is a music geek, then headphones makes for an ideal gift. You can go for brands like Bose, JBL and Sony that can be trusted for life.
  1. Fitness gadgets
    If your partner is a fitness enthusiast, then it is perfect time to gift him a fitness wearable. You can pick from a smartwatch or Fitbit or something that fits in with his/ her workout regime.
  1. Personalized Handbag
    There are many brands online that make customized bags. So you can gift your lady love a nice bag with a customized tag that she will remember for life.
  1. Books and cards
    This combination is just the best for the geeks out there. If your partner loved to read, then gift him/ her a bunch of bestseller books along with some adorable hand-written cards.
  1. Lingerie/Nightwear
    If you fancy some lingerie for your lady love, we will suggest you to ditch it and gift a silk robe instead. This will make for such a thoughtful present.
  1. Rucksack
    If you and your partner love adventure, then get a rucksack for the adventure to come. You can buy the best one out there along with some travel gear such as travel pillow or gorgeous luggage tags.
  1. Sunglasses
    If you are looking to give something chic and classy to your lady love, then sunglasses will make an adorable gift. Pick a luxury sunglasses brand and gift her the latest in fashion.
  1. Wallet
    Wallets are always amongst the most thoughtful presents ever. Be sure to gift something in leather so that it stays intact for years.


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