11 Signs You Are A Chai-holic. . .

Chai is India’s lifeline. Life in India is incomplete without chai and the hardcore chai addicts will definitely nod to this statement. Think about it, we hardly get out of bed without our usual cup of breakfast chai. There are people who can barely function without chai. Doesn’t matter what people think about tea addiction, chai is always our go-to resort. Here are 11 signs to prove that you are a hardcore chai-addict or chai-holic, so to say –

  1. You are a firm believer in Chai and that it holds problem to all solutions. You even offer it to your friends the first thing when they visit your home.


  1. You go haywire and can’t function without your breakfast chai cup


  1. Tea being poured into the cup is soothing to the ears. It is your favorite music in distress


  1. You know all the benefits of chai like a pro
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    1. You know how to drink tea like a boss no matter where you are having it


    1. You have more faith in chai than destiny


    1. You go ‘Aah’ every time you take the first sip of your chai
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      1. People who share same tea interests as you are naturally your friends


      1. You believe that cutting chai is better than coffee any given day



      1. Your idea to enjoy a perfect rainy day is chai, biscuits and a book
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        1. Even if you are sick or plain sad, nothing can cure you like a cup of hot chai





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