9 Awesome Things To Do On Valentine’s Day If You’re Single. . .

Valentine’s Day is definitely fun for those in love. But that doesn’t mean the couples will have all the fun on February 14th. It is the day of love essentially. So every single person can celebrate this day with something/ someone he loves regardless of any relationship or bias.


If you are in the single or forever alone category, we would suggest you to view this day bit differently and make it special for you. Wondering how? Here are some awesome things to make the most of this day even if you are single –

  1. Plan a girl’s night in
    Kick back, relax with your girlies and have loads of gossips and wine. Soon you will even forget what this day was all about.
  1. Movie marathon featuring your crush celebrity
    When was the last time you watched your favorite celebrity’s movie? Well, this is the right time to watch it with loads of popcorn or burger or whatever pleases you. Go on binge watching comedies on Netflix and have a hearty laugh.
  1. Prepare yourself a lavish meal
    Love food? Then prepare a lavish, romantic dinner for yourself. Have little wine or sparkling champagne and celebrate your
  1. Shop till you drop
    Take advantage of the holiday sales and go shopping. You can buy yourself some nice goodies plus save a ton.
  1. Pamper yourself at a spa
    Make the most of this ‘me time’ and indulge in a good pampering session. Book yourself a luxurious spa or indulge in a massage. You can also go for a mani-pedi session.
  1. Spend time with your loved one
    If you don’t want to do any of those activities all by yourself, then it is best to catch up with your loved one. Maybe your mom or granddad is alone as well on Valentine’s Day.
  1. Go on a vacation
    Take a mini vacation or go on a weekend getaway with your friends. Spend time exploring a new city instead.
  1. Throw an Anti-valentine’s day party
    Take cues from Jessica Biel’s character in “Valentine’s Day” and throw an anti- valentine’s day party with your gang.
  1. Take a class
    Take a yoga class, start painting or join a guitar class. Whatever you like and have been holding back, it is time to start doing it.

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