8 Things You Should Remember If You Are Dating An Indian Girl. . .

Indian girls are exceptional yet difficult to handle sometimes. In order know them fully, you need to understand what’s in their heart. Some are desi while others are modern. Some are way too sensitive while others are strong. But that doesn’t mean in any negative way. Are you thinking to get in a relationship with an Indian girl? Then you should remember some of the important points about dating an Indian girl that will make your decision much easier.

  1. She holds all the values of Desi Girl, no matter how modern and liberal she become.
    bollydastaan.tumblr.comShe may look modern to you because of her lifestyle but she is all desi in her heart. She values her culture and traditions as much as you do.
  2. She’ll feed you with all the Indian food because she is expert in cooking a variety of traditional dishes.
    giphy.comAnd it is surely going to make you fat.
  3. Family means a lot to every Indian girl. So you need to make sure to love her family members just like your own.
    giphy.comHer family will be your family.
  4. You can learn about Surya Namaskar Yoga and Meditation from her as almost every Indian girl perform these in routine.
    giphy.comIt is going to keep you healthy for sure.
  5. Indian girls love dancing and they possess some great dancing skills. If you don’t know how to dance, then it’s a plus point.
    giphy.comShe’s going to teach you all the Bollywood steps which you always wanted to learn.
  6. Indian weddings mean bigger functions! They are also the most entertaining. Be ready for a big fat wedding!
    giphy.comFrom Haldi ceremony to reception, each function is worth attending.
  7. Respect all her choices. Once she says no to something, you shouldn’t really force her to say yes.
    Because she’s never going to change that.
  8. Indian girls are gorgeous. With big almond eyes and beautiful dusky skin, they can kill anyone by their looks.
    bollydastaan.tumblr.comAnd she is going to look better than you.

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