11 Things Only Chocolate Obsessed People Can Understand. . .

We all love chocolates as there’s nothing more tastier than this. But there are many, who just go extra crazy whenever they see chocolates. Yes we are talking about those chocoholics who just can’t live without eating chocolates. If they go to any store, their first preference is to buy chocolates. If you ask them what they want for birthday, their reply will be ‘chocolates’. From white to dark to milky chocolate, they never say NO to anything which contains chocolate. Are you that crazy chocolate obsessed person? If yes, then here’s 11 things which only you can understand. Read and laugh!

  1. The only relationship which you value the most is your relationship with ‘chocolates’.
    giphy.comJust thinking about it makes your mouth water. Mmmmm!
  2. No matter how full are you with meals, you always have extra room in your stomach for chocolates.
    giphy.comI’m not full yet, there is still space for one big chocolate.
  3. You have this habit of dipping your food in chocolate because, chocolate makes everything taste better.
    giphy.comFrom oranges and apples to pizza and crepes, you want chocolate in everything.
  4. You love people who bring chocolate cake on your birthday. It’s an amazing gift for any chocolate lover.
    giphy.comThey can’t just say NO to any chocolate gift.
  5. You can’t share chocolates, not even a single bite. And you don’t really feel guilty about it!
    giphy.comYou want it? Then go buy it for yourself.
  6. You have harsh feelings for those who don’t love chocolates.
    giphy.comI can’t understand, how can you ever say NO to chocolates?
  7. You don’t discriminate between chocolates. That means you can just eat any kind of chocolate whether its white chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate with nuts or any other.
    giphy.comJust give me all the chocolates.
  8. Chocolate spread for breakfast, chocolate pizza for lunch, chocolate brownies for evening and chocolate ice cream after dinner. This is how you spend your day and night.
    giphy.comI just love my chocolaty life!
  9. Whenever you go out of country, you first preference is to visit the best chocolate shops there.
    imgur.comAnd you buy lots of them to bring home.
  10. You always keep a stash of chocolates as a backup.
    giphy.comIt’s great for midnight snack craving.
  11. In short, chocolate is the true love of your life.
    giphy.comAnd you can never give up on them.

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