11 Things Boys Who Grew Up With Sisters Can Relate To. . .

We all love our sisters. They are not only our partner in crime but also the most caring in the family. They fight with us and at the same time take care of us just like our mothers. If you are a boy and you have a sister, then you are absolutely lucky. She is the one with whom you share all your secrets and she gives you the best advice. She is always there for you through thick and thin, no matter how much you annoy her. Here are few of the things that only boys who grew up with sisters can understand:

  1. She cooks food for you in the middle of the night when you crave for something.
    antranik.orgAnd makes sure you eat all of it.
  2. She is your partner in crime in almost everything you do.
    giphy.comYou both do all the bad things together and make sure nobody knows about it.
  3. When she tells you about a guy who broke her heart, you eventually run to kill him.
    giphy.comHow dare you do that to my sister?
  4. When your parents turn against you, she is the one to defend you.
    giphy.comYou are lucky to have her.
  5. You’ll be extremely rich if your sister is earning.
    giphy.comShe gives you money and don’t even want it back.
  6. She always cares for you whether she is older or younger than you.
    giphy.comNo matter how old she is, she always treats you like her little brother.
  7. You can’t spend a day without fighting with her.
    giphy.comNot once, but few times a day.
  8. When she is mad at you, it is highly likely of her to put you in trouble.
    tenor.coDon’t mess with her or face the consequences.
  9. When you have trouble with your girlfriend, your sister is there to give you best advice.
    amelia-hurricane-shepherd.tumblr.comShe will tell you exactly what to do.
  10. She blackmails you all the time because she knows all your secrets.
    giphy.comSay yes to her otherwise she’ll leak your secrets.
  11. Even though they annoy you sometimes, you’ll always love them.
    giphy.comBecause sisters are the best.

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