12 Of The Most Ridiculous Lies Parents Tell Their Kids. . .

In our childhood, parents often teach us not to lie with anyone as it’s not a good habit. But, we all know that it’s our parents who often lie to us when we are kids. They tell us all those ridiculous things which we believe to be true but they are not. From tooth fairy to saying that coke is black water, we have heard it all. If you need a good laugh, then read below some of the craziest and funniest lies our parents have told us when we were little.

  1. If you cross your eyes, you’ll stay like this forever.
    giphy.comThis is one of the bizarre lies our parents have always told us. Crossing our eyes can actually never make us stay like that permanently.
  2. If you ever go out with wet hair, you’ll get sick.
    reactiongifs.comAlmost all kids have heard this lie by their parents and there is not truth about it. Going outside with wet hair has nothing to do with cold or fever.
  3. Reading in dark can affect your eye sight.
    giphy.comPoor kids! There is no fact in this at all.
  4. Eating chocolate will cause pimples on your face.
    giphy.comThere are a few bad things about eating excessive chocolates but having pimples isn’t one of them.
  5. Sitting too close to TV will make you blind.
    giphy.comWatching TV all the time is not good but it doesn’t make anyone blind.
  6. When kids want to drink coke, parents tell them not to as it’s not a drink. Its black water.
    giphy.comAnd that made us go yuck.
  7. Don’t crack your hand knuckles otherwise it’ll break your bones.
    giphy.comCracking the knuckles is not at all a good habit and it shouldn’t be encouraged. But saying that it’ll break your bones is not true.
  8. Don’t swallow chewing gum otherwise it’ll stick inside for many years.
    giphy.comSwallowing chewing gum is not right for kids but saying that it will stick to stomach and affect our health, is not true at all.
  9. You can’t watch cartoon at night, as all the characters went to sleep.
    giphy.comWish we knew that there is no truth in this so we could watch more and more cartoon.
  10. There is a light on your forehead. If you lie, it will turn red.
    giphy.comLike seriously? How could you do that to us?
  11. When you put your broken tooth under pillow, a tooth fairy will come at night and replace that tooth with money.
    giphy.comAnd if you keep your teeth clean, she‘ll give you extra money.
  12. If you drink milk daily, you’ll grow stronger and bigger.
    giphy.comWell, milk doesn’t really make anyone stronger or bigger. It is just good source of calcium. Well played mom and dad!

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