8 Zodiac Signs That Cannot Live Together And Make Disastrous Couples. . .

There are many people in this world who don’t believe in Zodiac signs. On the other hand, there are those who strictly follow horoscope and what they day, especially before they get married. Matches are made in heaven but sometimes these matches prove to be disastrous. Couples, who start their fairy tale love, suffer many issues at later stage due to which they have to end their relationship. If you are one of these astrology believers, then you must read below the compatibility of Zodiac signs that cannot make a good pair:

  1. Cancer and Aquarius
    horoscopes-love.euCancer people have very emotional and helpful nature and due to this, they cannot go along with Aquarius as they tend to just think about themselves.
  2. Gemini and Scorpio
    horoscopes-love.euGemini people are very loyal and fun loving who always love to try new things in their lives. Their worst match is Scorpio as they are totally opposite. They have no compatibility and hence tend to fail as a couple.
  3. Taurus and Leo
    horoscopes-love.euBoth of these zodiac signs are very demanding and irritating. They cannot survive together because of this nature of them and hence they are suggested to choose other star sign for marriage purpose.
  4. Pisces and Libra
    horoscopes-love.euBoth of them are totally different from each other. They start off their relationship with full spark thinking that they’d stay like this forever, but gradually they learn about the differences which make them leave their relationship.
  5. Capricorn and Sagittarius
    horoscopes-love.euThese signs are proven to be disastrous couple as one is goat and other is archer. Both of them have to put lots of effort to make their relationship work. Therefore, it’s better for both the signs to not involve in each other seriously.
  6. Leo and Pisces
    horoscopes-love.euLeo and Pisces cannot go along very well as both have difficult nature. Pisces people are sometimes too self-centered whereas Leo loves attention which creates problems between these two if they get married.
  7. Virgo and Aquarius
    horoscopes-love.euThey both have very less chances of staying together. From their thoughts to interests to their needs, everything is different. It’s not a great idea for these two to stay together.
  8. Aries and Cancer
    horoscopes-love.euCancer and Aries can be great friends but when it comes to relationships, they can never go together. The main reason is different nature of both signs. Cancer people prefer quite lifestyle whereas Aries are fond of travelling. Other differences can also make both of them annoyed with each other.

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