The name Bigg Boss has become synonymous with dirty politics, huge and petty fights, controversies and romance. This stuff apart from bringing the show TRPs, also keep the audience hooked to the television. The current on-going season too had its share of huge controversial fight that happened between Bani J and LopamudraRaut.
Here is a walk down the memory lane and a look at other famous fights that took place in the Bigg Boss House over last seasons:

  1. Rakhi Sawant & Kashmira Shah
    The first season of Bigg Boss is remembered for its housemates that included RakhiSawant, AmitSadh, Rahul Roy, Ravi Kissen, Kashmira Shah amongst others. The major fight that happened between RakhiSawant and KashmiraShah, remained the highlight of the show after which Rakhi was isolated by other housemates.
  2. Dolly Bindra & ManojTiwari
    Dolly Bindra and ManojTiwari were a part of Bigg Boss Season 4 and it definitely did make Dolly Bindra and her dialogue “BaapPe Mat Jaana” infamous. A small argument that started between her and the Bhojpuri actor ManojTiwari over eggs gradually turned ugly and will always be remembered.
  3. Payal Rohatgi &Sambhavna Seth
    In the 2nd Season of Bigg Boss, PayalRohatgi and Sambhavna Seth got into a dirty fight over the nominations. Sambhavna who was in no mood to listen to Payal’s accusations spoke out for herself and thus leading to the huge argument into which Rahul Mahajan who was Payal’s then boyfriend and also Sambhavna’s good friend got caught.
  4. Dolly Bindra and ShwetaTiwari
    Dolly Bindra for sure left a mark during her stint in Bigg Boss. During an aerobics task, she and actress ShwetaTiwari got into a physical fight which left later with huge visible marks on her arms. After this incident, few other contestants like Samir Soni took a stand against Dolly and got her evicted.
  5. Kushal Tandon and Tanishaa Mukerji
    KushalTandon who was a part of Bigg Boss Season 7 did create certain drama on the show. Once, post a task, he targeted Tanishaa and threw dustbin contents, soapy water and powder inside the box in which she was enclosed. Tanishaa lost her temper and started pushing him once she got out of the box. Things got so dirty with Kushal calling her names that eventually Salman Khan had to get involved too.
  6. Rohit Verma & KRK
    KRK’s name itself brings a lot of drama with it and he definitely did make Bigg Boss Season 3 unforgettable for his eviction. Things got so bad between him and designer RohitVerma that in the heat of the moment, KRK hurled a bottle at Rohit. This action got him evicted immediately.
  7. Sonali Raut & Ali QuliMirza
    SonaliRaut and Ali QuliMirza were a part of Bigg Boss Season 7. Ali Mirza made some degrading remarks about Sonali after which she slapped him hard. Post that Ali packed his bags and was seen trying to climb the roof stating that violence was prohibited in the house. For her actions, Sonali was nominated for eviction till the date she stayed in Bigg Boss house.

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