Ridiculous Things That Can Only Happen In Indian TV Serials. . .

Indian soaps are so idiotic that sometimes you feel like taking a gun and shooting yourself for actually watching it. One fact about Indian daily soap is that no matter how many episodes you miss, when you watch the soap again, you will be able to follow it totally; reason being stories crawl in Indian soaps. But this is just where we get started! Here is a list of the things that happens only in Indian TV serials.

  1. Daadies live for 400 years
    Daadies see their bahu, their bahu’s bahu, and their bahu’s bahu’s kids as well.But it doesn’t end here, the catch is that daadies never grow old.They look exactly the same, as they used to look when her sons got married.
  2. Divorce and remarriage is just a normal thing
    Indian daily soaps have so many divorces and remarriage that you will feel, getting divorced or remarried is a child’s play.No..no stop, did you think it ends here? This is where the story starts, Remarriage has happened, but the girl or the guy will still be in love with the first husband. Or, the marriage happens by mistake. When we say mistake we mean maybe the villain married the girl or dulhan was drugged. Phew!!!
  3. Lead role is never happy
    If it is Indian soaps, it is a given that the lead character; doesn’t matter lady or a man is never happy. Their life sucks to the core. Their kids die, they get looted, they lose their family, their family doubts them, they leave the homes, they become servants, God.. Please put some sense in Hindi soap writers. Hindi soaps actually teach us not to be the ‘nice person’ in the family, because that will take your peace of mind and happiness away.
  4. Three sounds
    No Hindi soap is complete on expression if a Kya is not repeated thrice. Kya? Kya? Kya? followed by a dramatic tune behind. If there is a slap, the slap is shown thrice, the expression ‘nahi’ is shown thrice. Are you tired already? Wait, there is more coming.
  5. Rebirth and look alike
    When the story does not progress and the writers are out of ideas, Hindi serials start killing the actors which lead to one of the following scenarios: 1. Plastic surgery 2. Rebirth 3. Look-alike
    Once the accident happens, the rebirth happens or the person forgets who he was and then he is back to his own self. There will be some look-alike, who will pose as the person. So confusing isn’t it??
  6. They have makeup, even while sleeping
    Have you noticed that everyone has the Bappi Lahiri bling and the oodles of makeup that they put on? I wish that there is rain some day when they are wearing that Asian paint on their face, we will get to see the real them.

These are a few things that happen in the Indian soap, but the list does not limit only to these. Please, post your observations on Hindi Serials.


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