9 Small Things Husbands Do That Make Their Wives Happy. . .

Do you remember those old moments when your boyfriend use to pamper you all the time? He used to compliment you, hold your bags, do laundry whenever you felt sick and so many other things just to make you happy. And when you got married, all those cute little things vanished. Being married can change a person over time but it should not affect the relationship in any way. Guys, if you used to show so much affection before the wedding, you should continue doing it even after you are together. We are bringing 9 of the small and cute things husbands do that makes their wives really happy:

  1. He does the dirty jobs for you.
    giphy.comHe picks up the garbage, mops the floor and washes the dishes for you. He gives you some time off and you love him for his loving and caring nature.
  2. Looks after baby when you are tired.
    giphy.comWere you up all night looking after your baby? Instead of waking you up to prepare feeder, he just makes it himself for the baby so that you can complete your beauty sleep.
  3. Calls you from work sometimes to ask what you’re doing.
    giphy.comHe sends a text or calls you telling that he is missing you. And it brightens up your whole day.
  4. Makes tea or coffee for you in the morning.
    giphy.comHe gives you bed tea with breakfast of your choice. Not only this, he also cooks your favorite food sometimes and you love it.
  5. Give you complements.
    giphy.com‘I love your new hair color, ‘you’re looking nice in this dress’, these sweet praises makes your day. And he really means what he says.
  6. Gives you flowers on a random day.
    giphy.comHe doesn’t wait for birthday or anniversary to give you flowers. Instead, he sends a nice bouquet of flowers with chocolates to you while he is at work. Because, he just loves you!
  7. He gives up argument with you.
    giphy.comYou don’t always have to win argument. Sometimes it’s better to give up just for the sake of peace in relationship. And he knows it very well.
  8. Sends kids to school.
    giphy.comHe often wakes kids up and get them ready for school in the morning so that you don’t get disturbed.
  9. He reminds you that how much he loves you.
    giphy.comSaying ‘I love you’ sometimes don’t cost anything. Instead, it reminds your better half that you really love her even after many years of marriage.

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