6 Awesome Ways to Make Your Crush Fall for You. . .

It is very obvious for us to fall for someone in just seconds, who doesn’t pay attention to us. And often we are shocked, pleased, and entertained when our crush looks back at us which doesn’t happen very often: P. We all have been in such a stage at some point in our life when we love drooling over someone, stalking them, and try every possible way to make our deepest desires come true.

To make our crush consider our presence we take advice from a lot of books, experts, gurus, relationship advisors but none of them actually work until we are lost in the process. So, here are some of the weirdest ways which can actually help you make your crush fall for you and make your dreams come true.

  1. Ignore them:
    There is a scientific proven fact that more we think about a person, more we get attached to them emotionally as well as mentally. To make your crush fall for you, you need to bring yourself into the spotlight. Make sure your crush notices you, but you ignore them. Slowly this ignorance technique will work out in your favour and you will have your dreams fulfilled.
  2. Allure them with chemicals:
    Try to allure your crush using chemicals and by chemicals, we do not mean chloroform :P. Do a deep research about what type of perfumes and smells are liked or disliked by your crush. Wear those perfumes which are liked by them and make yourself noticeable by the perfume you wear. If your crush loves it, he/she will surely try to make a contact with you, which will complete your first step to making them fall for you.
  3. The 36 questions task:
    This may sound a bit silly to you, but it is a proven fact and it has been observed that people who share more secrets about their life tend to fall for each other more quickly. The more the person opens his/her life with the other person, more is the attachment. According to this theory, there are specific 36 questions which will help you to make your crush open his/her soul to you and feel more connected to you.
  4. Try to be hygienic:
    Being hygienic is also very essential. You must shower daily even if you don’t love to do so, try to look very fresh, clean, and groomed in front of your crush. Use good bath and body products, feel fresh, and make yourself noticeable and desirable by grooming yourself to best possible way as no one likes unhygienic and untidy personality.
  5. Strategic thinking:
    Now, this is something very important, you need to think strategically to attract your crush. Many of the websites and relationship gurus advise you to be yourself but you must understand that your crush won’t come running to you until you plan your efforts to attract them. Always try to act confident in front of your crush and be prepared for every situation which may occur.
  6. Forget it! Attitude is necessary
    If you have tried a lot and still have not succeeded in getting your crush fall for you, then maybe you were running behind a wrong person. You need to have a Forget-it attitude and move forward with life as there are chances of you being happy with someone else. And who knows maybe once you move forward, your crush comes crawling behind you realizing what they have lost!

So these were some of the weird techniques to make your crush notice you and start falling for you. Hope these works for you! So try them out and explore your possibilities.


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