You Are In For A Treat With These Post-Sex Foods!. . .
Sex can leave you feeling extremely satisfied and relatively hungry too. Of course, as a proper sexual act can burn somewhere close to 150 calories, that hunger can be explained!
Everyone has their own post-sex ritual; some may just doze off to sleep, some may prefer having a shower while some may indulge in sensual food along with cute cuddling. If you fall into the latter category, here is a list of few foods that have been proved to be beneficial post-coital activity:

  1. Smoothies
    Smoothies may take some effort to make but savor them nicely and you will feel really good. You may choose to have a fruity one without any sugar thus making it a healthy drink. Instead, you can add vanilla essence, few almonds, seasonal fruits, and yogurt. Healthy and refreshing, it does make a great intake post-sex.
  2. Chocolate Milk
    Chocolate is a great mood-changing plus refreshing food to have in any situation. People rarely think of chocolate milk as a healthy drink but it surely is very high in carbs and protein, not to mention that it would be utterly delicious. It is found in a study that the ratio of 4:1 of carbs and protein is enough for muscle recovery fuel which one can get from chocolate milk.
  3. Pizza
    Pizza can make a regrettable intake with all these cheesy slices yet it would be a pleasurable food. You would sure get back the calories you have just lost but pizza has that magic which would make the act look better. Pizza with extra cheese or not is always an excellent choice.
  4. Sandwich
    A vegetable sandwich is always a good and healthy option. It is easy and quick to make and also makes a great filler. Also, toasted bread is easy to digest hence if you are having this snack at late night, it would do good.
  5. Eggs
    Indulging in any form of eggs post sex is refreshing, healthy, and of course full of proteins. Eggs are also considered to be sex food, thus, they are beneficial whether they are consumed before sex or after sex. They lead to a healthy libido, hence often are consumed before having sex.
  6. Apples and Cheese
    Easy to slice, easy to share, and not to mention filling food; apple and cheese make a great combination and will give you all the carbs and protein you will need. Since carbs and protein work as great muscle recovery, it is necessary that you choose your post-sex food in such a way that you get the required amount of these. Thus, an apple and few slices of cheese would never go wrong.
  7. Warm Milk
    We all know that milk is a complete food. Milk work wonders in aiding metabolism and also providing all the required nourishment. Have milk with some toast, some biscuits or nuts and it would be very comforting.
  8. Popcorn
    Have popcorn only if you feel like you want something to nibble on. Popcorn won’t satisfy proper hunger otherwise, it makes a great low-calorie snack. Easy to make and even easier to finish, popcorn would be good to have and relax after an exhausting sexual act.

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