Salman Khan has been through many ups and downs but one thing that remained consistent with him is his fan following. His fans worship him and that was clearly seen during the blackbuck poaching case. Salman’s presence on Twitter was much awaited and since his arrival on Twitter, he has been unstoppable. However, whatever wrong he has done till date has been clearly put behind him and here are few tweets that prove the same:

  1. When he was in riddle-y mood
    One can never predict what mood Salman Khan would be in. That was clearly seen in the tweet where he certainly was high on life and he tweeted this “Tweetar ke do aagey tweetar tweeter ke do peechey tweetar aagey tweetar peechey tweetar arrey bolo kitney tweetar??!!”
  2. When he is in a perspective mood
    God only knows what provoked him into thinking this. Let’s just say he was somewhere in his own space when he shared his views about earth being flat. Like a roti.
  3. When he speaks his mind
    Before its release, Dangal was continuously compared with Sultan both being the films based on wrestling. Soon after its release Salman tweeted, “My Family saw #Dangal today evening and thought it was a much better film than #Sultan. Love u personally Aamir but hate u professionally!”
  4. When he cares for all lives
    This tweet shows he has surely moved on and is in true “Being Human” form. Such deep thoughts coming from him were surely a good read.
  5. When he shows his soft corner for women and children
    Salman has always maintained that he has great respect and a soft corner for women. Also, his affection for children is well-known. He himself becomes a child around them. In this tweet, he shows how caring he actually is.
  6. When he is being ironical
    Salman is a very playful guy and that can be seen from such tweets on which his fans had a great time commenting. He sure knows how to keep his fans engrossed.
  7. When he is no mood to think anything
    His thought of the day followed by a long hmmmmm and ahhhh caught everyone’s attention. However, one has to say that he does his job of entertaining people very well.
  8. When he wants nothing but God’s blessings
    Well, he really gets funny at times and very honest too. Somedays he gets really senti and philosophical which lead him to tweet philosophical stuff like this “Actually I honesty wld wanna b depended on n upon jaiseke Love respect care share trust etcetc God bls n protest us Bus aurkuchnahi.”
  9. When he is just blabbering
    Only Salman can explain what he meant by the tweet that said “Lai bhaaribagaaaaatta ,tabartophmanjeh now man , fly la gf bf la ghaoonza , ektabaaghnaangtabaag pan baagh . Kai ?Lai bhaari”.However, thank God he knew that won’t be easily understood and hence he was quick to tweet that for those who didn’t understand he can tweet again in English.

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