The World’s Most Beautiful Bonsai Trees. . .
The art of planting trees in containers is called Bonsai and it comes from Japan. But it is more than an art; it demands your patience. Bonsai as an art form emerged solely to charm the viewers and to show the skill and expertise of the grower. When we are talking about this art form, let us take a look at the world’s most beautiful bonsai trees.

  1. Shunkaen, Japan
    There is an 800 year old Bonsai tree which is reportedly the world’s oldest. Its owner Master Kobayashi is considered as one of the most reputed Bonsai artists of the world. He won the Prime Minister’s award for his creation.
  2. Goshin
    Artist John Y Naka created the Goshin or “the protector of the spirit” Bonsai. Eleven Foemina Junipers were used to create this Bonsai. Naka donated the bonsai to the National Bonsai Foundation in 1984. It was displayed at the United States National Arboretum.
  3. Shohin Tree
    The Shohin Tree is created by artist Morten Albek and is a stunning Rockspray Cotoneaster on display. This particular picture was taken in spring when the tree was in full bloom. The tree carries small red berries during winter. A famous potter, John Pitt made the pot.
  4. Penjing landscape
    Bonsai trees can also be used to create wonderful landscapes. The Penjing landscape is a Chinese-style landscape and is kept in Hong Kong, in Man Lung collection. It is a Chinese Bird Plumtree and has created a realistic beauty. To make it more presentable, rocks and miniature figures are placed on the marble pot and the entire bonsai is placed on an antique wooden table.
  5. Azalea Bonsai
    The Azalea bonsai has a height of 14 cm. The tree is in full bloom from late spring to early summer. It is created by artist Wolfgang Putz.
  6. Brazilian Rain Tree
    One of the most popular bonsai subjects is Brazilian Rain Tree. It is grown from a small cutting and is waited till the tree bears leaves. The result is an eye-soothing bonsai tree. Budi Sulistyo has created this Bonsai tree.
  7. Japanese Maple Bonsai
    A famous European artist, Walter Pall has created this bonsai and it is considered one of the most famous bonsai trees. The height is slightly bigger than other bonsai trees and is over 100 years old. The tree looks incredibly realistic.
  8. Tiniest Apple Tree
    The world’s tiniest apple tree is 30 years old and surprisingly it can grow two full-sized apples.
  9. Semi-cascade Juniper
    This form of bonsai is designed by Harry Hirao and was collected from the Californian Mountains. The semi-cascade bonsai has only one stripe connecting the leaves of the tree to its roots. This style is called literati- a lyrical style of bonsai growing.
  10. Pinus Silvestris
    This form of bonsai is created by Stefano Frisoni and is remarkably realistic looking. What makes the tree striking is its dense foliage pads.

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