Most Powerful Bond Girls of All Time. . .

A James Bond movie is something every living person on this planet waits for. And the reasons are many! The amazing story, stunts, gadgets, characters, and most important of all for James bond and his girl. Bond girls always create eagerness in the mind of the viewers as their character is always full of mystery and their looks and style is something which every time sets a standard.
Every bond girl plays a revolutionary character in the movie and tends to win the heart of James Bond as well as the viewers. The movie makers go for a thorough research and auditions while choosing the best Bond girl for the movie.
So here are some the best Bond Girls of all time:

  1. Ursula Andress:
    The first ever Bond Girl was played by a Swiss actress named Ursula Andress as Honey Rider in Dr. No. The actress got famous because of her revolutionary role and her tiny bathing suit which made a huge success for her acting career. Her entrance in the film in that teeny tiny bathing suit on a beautiful beach is considered to be a classic moment in the cinema world which probably made her famous as “Bond Girl”.
  2. Honor Blackman:
    One of the oldest Bond girls of all time is Honor Blackman in Goldfinger. The actress was cast in the movie at age of 39 in the year 1964 when she was older than some of her co-stars. According to the Bond movie producer Albert R. Broccoli, Blackman was cast in the movie due to her amazing martial arts skill which was shown in her previous U.K based movie The Avengers. Blackman did all her stunts herself in Goldfinger and also responded against being called as Bond girl and ageism of leading actresses in Bond movies.
  3. Barbara Bach:
    Well, Blackman set a standard against being called as Bond girls, which was purely followed by Barbara Bach who played a Russian agent named Anya Amasova in the Bond movie The Spy Who Loved Me (1977). Barbara’s role in the movie was very strong and creative, but in one of the statements she described 007 as a “chauvinist pig who uses girls to shield his life against bullets”.
  4. Shirley Eaton:
    The girls brought a lot of myths and controversial statements with her. The release of Spectre is actually also considered as one of the historic Bond moment- when Shirley Eaton appeared on the cover page of the Life magazine. The actress’s famous death by gold paint led many of the viewers to believe that she died during filming because of skin suffocation which was purely rubbish.
  5. Grace Jones:
    In 1985’s Bond movie A View To Kill, which was a Roger Moore’s final go as Bond, a supermodel Grace Jones was cast as May Day who was a girlfriend of a demented High-stake industrialist. The movie surely made a powerful shift for the coming Bond Girls role.
  6. Famke Janssen:
    The all time famous female henchman of the Bond Movies is Famke Janssen’s powerful and ruthless character in Golden Eye. The actress got famous for her signature move i.e. strangling bedfellows to death with just the power of her legs in the 1995 famous Bond movie Golden Eye.
  7. Michelle Yeoh:
    This Malaysian actress got a lot of fame and claps for her role in 1997’s Tomorrow Never Dies. She played the role of Bond’s ally Wai Lin and gained success and fame with critics calling her the First Bond Girl of color. She was named as the female James Bond which is a pretty much big title.
  8. Halle Berry:
    With her famous Orange bikini, Halle Berry played Jinx Johnson in another famous Bond movie “Die another Day”. The actress made her Bond-Girl turn one for the record books. The producers were very happy and pleased with her role in the movie.
  9. Eva Green:
    For her role as Vesper Lynd in the movie “Casino Royale”, Eva Green is regarded as one of the best Bond Girls of all time. With her beauty, she took the heart of all the viewers and went against stripping down and go against the tradition by keeping her clothing on.

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