9 Best Ways To Make Your Crush Notice You. . .

Having a crush on someone is an amazing feeling especially when that person doesn’t even know about you. From stalking her daily in university to checking her Facebook profile, every moment is best for you. Sometimes, you even get to talk to her but you don’t have enough courage to tell her about your feelings. Are you one of those who are really struggling to get their crush’s attention? Then read our top 9 tips which will not only make her notice you but she’ll more likely fall in love with you.

  1. Have a great sense of humor

    Girls like men who make them laugh. But you don’t have to be a comedian or a joker to do this. Just have a little sense of humor and she’ll definitely be impressed by you.
  2. Be yourself

    Nobody likes those who pretend to be someone else. Your crush will surely notice you if you be yourself around her and don’t show fake behavior.
  3. Give her compliments

    You don’t need to go overboard when complementing her as it’ll make you sound fake. Praise her little while keeping it natural and she’ll absolutely love it.
  4. Dress to impress her

    Looks are not everything. But if she dresses up, she’d definitely like her partner to be as stylish as her. So, wear something decent if you want to be in her good books.
  5. Match your interests with her

    Compatibility matters a lot and you should seriously consider it if you want to make her notice you. Involve yourself into the things she likes and prove that you’re perfect to be her life partner.
  6. Show her that you like her

    Being a little flirty is not bad. You should drop some hints that will force her to think that you’ve feelings for her.
  7. Be there for her

    Whenever she needs a helping hand, be there for her support. Make her feel like you are always there for her.
  8. Play her favorite songs

    Did she tell you what songs she loves to hear? If yes, then it’s a golden opportunity for you. When she is around you, play her favorite songs. It will absolutely give her a hint that you’re into her.
  9. When nothing works, go to her and say ‘I LOVE YOU’

    If none of the above ways is working, then just go and say ‘I love you’ to her. She’ll either say YES or NO but it will clear up your mind regarding what she feels about you.

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