5 Bizarre Festivals From Across The World. . .

There is no better way to know the world than experiencing the wackest festivals across the globe. Keep reading and you will find out how bizarre people can get. These festivals are definitely some of the most twisted things that you will read about. From crying sumos to jumping over newborns, from showing the genitals to eating testicles the world has got it all.

  1. Kanamara Matsuri
    KAWASAKI, JAPAN - APRIL 06: A large pink phallic-shaped 'Mikoshi' is paraded through the streets during Kanamara Matsuri (Festival of the Steel Phallus) on April 6, 2014 in Kawasaki, Japan. The Kanamara Festival is held annually on the first Sunday of April. The penis is the central theme of the festival, focused at the local penis-venerating shrine which was once frequented by prostitutes who came to pray for business prosperity and protection against sexually transmitted diseases. Today the festival has become a popular tourist attraction and is used to raise money for HIV awareness and research. (Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)
    Every year people from Kawasaki in Japan celebrate a festival where the penis is the theme of the festival. It might sound wacky, but some people march in it just for fun. The illustration of the penis is carved out of candies, vegetables, fruits, puppets, hats and much more. The festival celebrated praying for prevention against STD, and longevity of marriage. If you are visiting Japan in the month of April be a part of this festival.

  2. EI calico-The Baby Jumping festival
    This festival from Spain is definitely not for the soft hearted. During this festival, families with newborn assemble in a ground and the elder ones dress as devils, jump over the kids that are laid on the ground. This festival has killed many young babies in the past. The elder ones who are clothed in the red and yellow color display act of acrobatics with whip and truncheons. If you are brave enough to see this, you can travel to Castillo in June.
  3. The Monkey Buffet festival
    There are only a few cool things as hanging out with the monkeys who are feasting on a buffet that is laid for them. Every year in the month of November locals of Thailand lay out a feast for the monkeys. Many in the country believe that it has no cultural significance and it is done to boost tourism, while others claim that it is feeding the ancestors. But whatever the reason may be, it is fun to watch the monkeys stuffing their mouths like there is no tomorrow.
  4. Konaki Sumo Japan
    Konaki festival is about crying sumos. This festival is a 400-year-old tradition where wrestlers face each other with babies in their hands. The winner is decided by the baby who cries first. If both the babies cry together, the one which cries loudest wins. The competition does not stop there on weirdness. There is a priest that tries to make faces and yell at the babies to make them cry. The festival is held three times a year, each time at different temples.
  5. Testy Festy- The balls eating competition
    This festival is celebrated at the Rock Creek Lodge, Montana USA. As weird as it may sound the festival really is about eating animal balls. No Kidding the festival really is about eating testicles. The winner is decided to be someone who eats maximum animal gondas within 4 minutes. The festival also has a tricycle race where more than 500 participants take part and they wear nothing but undies.
    To make it even funnier ladies also decide on the man with the biggest balls, Miss testy, best tattoo. Well, if you are in Montana in August go see it for yourself.

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