Nerdy looks are no longer embarrassing or awkward. Rather geeky looks are trendy and do look very cute. Some girls, in fact, do find geeky looking guys very attractive. Geeky or nerdy looks do feel somewhat retro yet it has never gone out of fashion. However, dressing in a nerdy way is not really easy. It requires some effort and has some certain pattern that one needs to know. Here are some cute nerdy outfit ideas for boys:

  1. The Right T-Shirt
    This is a very important part of the nerdy dressing. You can opt for printed T-shirts that feature geeky type of prints such as ironical one-liner, science fiction characters, and any reference to games or television series. Color selection is also very important. If you are opting for printed tee, any color will do and if you opt for a plain tee, go for bold colors.
  2. Try layering
    Layering is also a very crucial part of the geeky look. A bold colored tee shirt can be worn over a striped long-sleeved tee and another way to do it is by wearing plain white tee shirts under dress shirts. Also, three-fourth sleeve tee shirts can be worn under a short sleeve tee.
  3. Wear spectacles
    Oversized thick glasses are synonymous with the nerdy look. To complete this look, wear a pair of stylish and fashionable rimmed thick glasses. However, try to keep this simple and not go overboard with this.
  4. Hooded zip-up sweaters
    Any type of hooded sweater whether having stripes, geometric patterned, or plain sweater would look good and give off a geeky look. You can also try wearing a jumper or a cardigan. A pull-over hoodie would be perfect for winter. They would look stylish as well to give you a nerdy look.
  5. Replace the jeans
    If you are aiming for a geeky look, you will have to discard your jeans. Rather get corduroy trousers that are green, khaki, gray or olive colored. They are perfectly fashionable and also do the job of being fitted very well. The best option to nail the nerdy look is to get a checked or plaid designed trouser that comes in various colors.
  6. Converse Trainers
    Converse trainers would go very well with both casual and formal outfits. There are numerous options available to choose from and try choosing such colored shoes that would work well with any outfit such as black, white or brown. Shoes play a crucial role in completing your look hence does not go wrong with them.
  7. Hairstyle
    The wrong hairstyle can ruin your geeky look and hence be careful about doing your hair. Keep your hair very simple and short. If you want to keep them long, comb them in such a way that they sort of fall in your eyes but are also disconnected. Gel them in such a manner that they look slightly oily but not much. Keeping your hair messy would also do the trick. Perfect hair can also make your look very sexy.

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