12 Times Celebrity Children Were Basically Clones of Their Parents. . .

Whenever a celebrity child is born, he/she brings a lot of expectation about how they would look when they grow up? Will they be like their mother? Or fathers? Or will they surpass their parent’s beauty and set their own standards? In some of the cases, the offspring’s seems like actual clones of their parents and the level of resemblance are too high that just one look can make you recognize them and relate these offspring to their parents.
So here are some of the celebrity kids who looked exactly same like their parents either when they were young or when they became adults, but they surely look as actual clones of their parents.

  1. Brooklyn Beckham and dad David Beckham:
    Who is not a fan of David Beckham’s good looks and his modelling expertise! Well, it is high time to start loving his eldest son Brooklyn too as he has inherited his looks from his father and the 16 year old son has stepped into modelling just like his dad with his amazing looks and style.
  2. Ireland Baldwin and mom Kim Basinger:
    This perfect mother-daughter couple is perfectly similar to each other from head to toe. Both of them are totally similar to each other from long model legs to similar face structure and complexion to exactly same hair style. Both of them, if made to stand together will look like perfect twins.
  3. Scott Eastwood and dad Clint Eastwood:
    Scott Eastwood has already made a great presence in the dreams of all young girls with his inherited blue dreamy eyes and amazing acting skills. Both father and son have been very popular in ladies with their good looking personality solid acting skills. So, we can surely say that Scott is a pure clone of his father and is destined to be a famous star.
  4. Dylan Penn and mom Robin Wright:
    Dylan Penn is a perfect combination of both her mother and father’s features. This Sean Penn’s daughter has inherited the best features from her parents, from Sean piercing eyes to Robin’s amazing cheek bones. This daughter has surely inherited the best from her parents and looks marvellous.
  5. Kaia Gerber and mom Cindy Crawford:
    These two ladies are perfect statues of beauty with both of them possessing big brown eyes and perfectly tousled hair; they rule the industry in their own shining manner. With increasing years and ages, both of them look so similar that it is difficult to keep them apart.
  6. Rafferty Law and dad Jude Law:
    It is very clear for all of us to see how Rafferty is a perfect clone of his father from his amazing good looks and shining as well as hypnotizing eyes.
  7. Riley Keough and mom Lisa Marie Presley:
    Lisa Marie Presley and her daughter Riley Keough are very much similar to each other with similar long face structure, similar eyes to their similar character towards life. Both of them look too much alike and love to celebrate events and party together.
  8. Julianne Moore and daughter Liv Freundlich:
    From her mother’s radiant blue-green eyes and gorgeous auburn hair, this amazing mother-daughter couple is perfect twins. We can also say that Liv is a perfect teenage twin of her Oscar-winning mother.
  9. Tom and Colin Hanks:
    Sometimes, it’s just the looks which are inherited in the celebrity kids, at times it is their character also, which is perfect in the case of Tom and Colin. Colin is a perfect mirror image of his father, not just in looks but also in similar personalities.
  10. Blythe Danner and Gwyneth Paltrow:
    Gwyneth has become a Hollywood darling due to her amazing roles in movies such as the Ironman and her amazing acting skills. The actress is a perfect clone of her mother, she has inherited both her mother pretty facial looks and her competitive acting skills.
  11. Meryl Streep and daughter Mamie Gummer:
    This mother-daughter duo shares a lot more that just their similar looks, both of them follow same career paths, have similar views and look a lot more similar when standing together.
  12. Uma Thurman and Maya Hawke:
    Both mother and daughter are blessed with classic and delicate features, which make both of them look like perfect twins.

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