Top 10 Worst Camping Mistakes. . .

If you are a first-time camper and you are assuming that you only need basic supplies and general knowledge of the surrounding to set up an amazing camping trip then you are wrong, my friend. Even if you have camped out a number of times, you will need to plan for each new campsite to avoid serious blunders. Do not sabotage your weekend camping trip with any of these top ten mistakes!

  1. Not testing out new equipment
    Make sure you test each and every equipment before you leave for your camping holiday. It is always advised to check the functionality of all equipment at least once before you take into a situation where you are dependent upon it. Something could even be missing or broken.
  2. Picking the wrong tent
    camping-tent-480If you are camping with others, then size of the tent is an important factor. You should count on at least 30 square feet per camper. You will need to find a perfect tent to stay comfortable at night. And most importantly, do not forget to carry a tent repair kit.
  3. Not packing enough food
    camping-foodCamping trips burn a lot of calories! You tend to feel the need to have light snacks from time to time. Also, if you have to stay an extra day, you should have some extra food in your bag-pack. In such case, it’s better to carry an extra day’s worth of non-perishable food with you.
  4. Not packing a first-aid kit
    Knife cuts, sprained ankles, sore muscles are likely to happen while camping. Not keeping relief sprays, pain killer tablets, crape band aid and other basic medicines can be a serious mistake.You need to keep a first-aid kit with you.
  5. Not reserving a campsite
    Most campgrounds have reservable sites. You need to find and book a campsite in advance. Assuming not non-holiday weekends are not going to be busy can be a serious mistake too. It’s better to plan and book a suitable site well in advance.
  6. Counting on building a fire
    Don’t have experience in building a fire? Well, you should learn the art before heading out for the trip. Also, think on the lines how you can arrange wood to enjoy a perfect fire. Don’t forget to keep a matchbox! A good campfire is a must-have for a camping trip, isn’t it?
  7. Keeping a messy campsite
    Left out food and other stuff should not be left near the tent. A messy campsite attracts critters and other unwanted wildlife. To avoid the mess, keep trash bags along.
  8. Underestimating the weather
    Weather has its own moods, always! You cannot trust weather forecasts when it comes to camping. It’s better to keep rain coats and extra pair of socks everyone to make the trip more pleasant.
  9. Showing up to your campsite before dark
    screen_shot_2013-08-15_at_8-18-25_am-png-662x0_q70_crop-scaleIt’s better to have your camp set before sun set. Make sure you reach your campsite in time and have enough time to set your tent before it gets dark.
  10. Ignoring Wildlife
    When you’re out for camping, always respect nature and its rules. Stay alert and know what to do if you have an encounter with a wild animal.

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